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What does private mean? It’s the principle!

An interesting event happened and I have not been able to post this until it was rectified (for my own reasons).  The event occurred a few months back where I believe it questions privacy.

What difference does it make you may ask?  Privacy and protection or more the point inappropriate release of private information is what grates me.  Whose right is it to divulge your information.  It is your choice and I believe it is each to their own.  Not a third-party, particularly without gaining your consent.

The Incident- So whilst using Google I stumbled across my business name and with it all my personal information that was provided to a company I put advertising through in 2008. Not just my business information but home number, address and every contact detail possible.

I could feel the heat rising in my neck about to blow out of the top of my head – Im a Scorpio so secrecy is a given! Seriously though, with my profession and my children- just two thoughts that sprung immediately to mind, I was livid they had presented such information so nonchalantly.

Further tipping me over to the crazy woman zone I recalled a conversation I had with the woman from the company when providing the details I was now staring at in front of me. At that point in time I strongly remember clarifying with her that the information I was providing was personal and not business and therefore only to be used for reference and payment purposes as that is what she stipulated was part of their verification process of the businesses advertised.

Aaah Hello??

Quite clearly my privacy has been breached. I know all the business owner asked of me when I contacted back in August was a letter requesting the removal of information but it was the point that I shouldn’t have had to write that letter in the first place.

Second situation

After liaison with Australia’s Privacy Commissioners office (I like to be thorough) I sent the letter he requested via email. He deleted the identifying information which was great BUT here it comes I then “googled” the information and it was still there! Again the thermostat was about to shatter. Long story short numerous emails – as I couldnt find an obvious contact number on their site (grrr I would’ve phoned believe me) and now nearly 3 months later the offending information has been eliminated from the google search and the business website only after I informed google that legal proceedings were now in progress. Within 12 hours information removed – ta-dah! (Yep thought it was that hard)

Yes I know nothing sinister occurred from this inappropriate listing, but it is the principle that the information shouldn’t have been listed in the first instance from the business and google should take the customers word and remove such sensitive information.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Tell me what your take is on the situation or am I just some crazy secretive woman! Revenge?? (Joking!)


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3 thoughts on “What does private mean? It’s the principle!

  1. Wow dude as a fellow Scorp I know EXACTLY how much this stuff burns. Glad you sorted them and they removed your deets.

    Posted by pt | October 26, 2010, 1:07 pm
    • Im glad a fellow scorpion understands completely =)

      Posted by 3precocious3lotus3 | October 26, 2010, 4:25 pm
      • I totally get where you are coming from! Not as a Scorpio but as a fellow psychologist. I use my maiden name in practice to protect my kids. But I don’t think it’s only relevant to Scorpios or psychologists; businesses just shouldn’t be able to publish your private information like that. If you had the time, energy and money you could sue the pants off them. Poor form I say.

        Posted by c-o | October 26, 2010, 7:59 pm

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