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Oh Hello! There you are. Where have you been?

In 2…3..4… Out 2…3….4….. New pose and repeat. Last night I did something I havent done in so long and it was bliss (mind out of the gutter people!) I truly felt more peaceful, centred, connected to me. Each repetition, lengthening and stretch. So why did it take so long to do something that made … Continue reading

When do you know you’re a Mum?

Today I have a guest writer for precocious lotus – Mama R.  Mama R has written a piece below about the time you see yourself as a mother. I know personally for my first pregnancy it was difficult to identify with the “typical role” of mother. I had trouble enough looking after myself let alone … Continue reading

P!nk – My girl crush

Its been awhile since Ive had a major crush on a musician. Ive had George Michael, Bret Michaels, The Goss twins of Bros then onto Anthony for a long while.  Robbie Williams popped up and of late its been Daniel Johns from Silverchair. BUT nothing has come as close and I am very suprised I … Continue reading

Wild Wild West

Little person 1 asked on Monday what school his Uncle was going to (University) and if it was nearby.  A small discussion followed and then he asked as to what type of school Uncle was going to.  I explained that University was after year 12, which he understood as the year 12 buddies he had … Continue reading

Why Worry? Grandma its been 20 years

Today it has been 20 years since my grandma passed away (not the one I obviously spoke of here).  I was going to write about all those moments that she hasn’t seen and what I and my cousins, parents and aunties and uncles have achieved over these 20 years but I am too private for … Continue reading

Twisting and turning your feelings are burning….

The other day I put one of my all time favourite cd’s on in the car and put it up very loud! What struck me though is no, not that it was loud as give me singing at the top of my lungs any day to release some stress. It was the fact that I … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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