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P!nk – My girl crush

Its been awhile since Ive had a major crush on a musician. Ive had George Michael, Bret Michaels, The Goss twins of Bros then onto Anthony for a long while.  Robbie Williams popped up and of late its been Daniel Johns from Silverchair. BUT nothing has come as close and I am very suprised I am so infatuated with my girl crush P!NK which I also spoke of here

Beautiful. Gorgeous. Honest. Passionate. Holistic. Love her.

Anyways enjoy she just released this today for facebook fans.

(Think its not accessible just yet for the viewing public. Hopefully soon!)


About Bringing Spirit Into The Everyday

Modern Suburban Hippie (minus hallucinogens :) ) Vegetarian. Passionate. Love Laughs. Yoga. Chai Lattes. Crystals. Oracle cards. Goddesses. Angels. Spiritual. Perfume Loving. Intuitive Parenting. Breastfeeding Mama. Sport Loving. Opinionated. Scorpio. Psychologist. I have 3 little people who rock my world.


2 thoughts on “P!nk – My girl crush

  1. She’s mine! I saw her first! LOL

    She’s a fantastic talent that looks fantastic always. I am just as infatuated with her as you are. And now she is pregnant! Wow!

    Posted by Yamilette | November 13, 2010, 7:06 pm

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