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Wild Wild West

Little person 1 asked on Monday what school his Uncle was going to (University) and if it was nearby.  A small discussion followed and then he asked as to what type of school Uncle was going to.  I explained that University was after year 12, which he understood as the year 12 buddies he had met and were finishing.  I explained that you went to these schools (translation: university) to learn how to be a doctor, nurse, dentist, building designer and psychologist to name a few.

He sat there silent for a good few minutes I’m presuming that he was pondering his options so I left him to it.  Curiosity got the better of me so I said “so what do you want to do when you finish school?” he looked up at me innocently and said “I just want to be a cowboy”. Unfortunately we were at school by this stage and had to rush out of the car into class (Ms Punctual Tardy as usual)

Before this he had never really articulated anything he was particularly interested in doing or being. I’m presuming this interest comes from his current fascination with Woody from Toy Story and probably the characteristics that he has.  I will have to find out more.

This got me to thinking.  What did I want to be when I grew up?  During primary school I vaguely remember being interested in being a teacher but must’ve got sick of this idea.  I think once I did work experience in schools during year 9. Kudos to teachers by the way – it was when I realised my shortcomings that I knew that this wasn’t going to be the occupation for me.

During Year 9 I vaguely remember being interested in writing until I wrote a piece from a girl’s perspective who wrote a diary and was being physically abused – the comment I got back was something along the lines of “…you write as though you know a lot about the subject…there are always people you can talk to” I freaked out massively as this couldn’t be further from the truth and didn’t want people thinking otherwise so shut down immediately.

Finally I decided in Year 11 I wanted to be a fashion designer. My dad will not live this down.  He didn’t feel that it was an appropriate career choice as it was very competitive although I got all A’s and A+ for my work during VCE.  I, for some reason surrendered. Luckily attending the Melbourne University Open day I acquired the best t-shirt I had ever seen (and my sign, I briefly talk about signs here).  It was my walking/wearable mantra of becoming a psychologist. (Yes dad I am grateful now)

Anyway, It must be the week for career counselling as the lovely Ms Allison Tait spoke of her little people and their big plans in her blog Check it out =)

What did you want to do or be growing up? Are you? Are you not what you planned to be? Anyone’s parents have their career set out for them or discourage a certain path? Please Share. I love comments =)


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14 thoughts on “Wild Wild West

  1. Wow – from a fashion designer to a psychologist! I can understand how your Dad felt. As a parent, it must be so difficult to close your mouth when you see your child headed into an industry with such a high fail rate. To their credit, my parents never dissuaded me from becoming an actor. But I think they could also see that I had no clear idea how to go about it. It all works out for the best, don’t you think?

    Posted by life in a pink fibro | November 11, 2010, 7:43 am
  2. Air hostess (thought it seemed a glamorous option) ….. Teacher (always loved playing ‘school’ in my early years and loved both primary and secondary school) …..Nurse (liked the idea of helping others and people fascinate me so something in the healthcare field was always likely)……and most of all a Mum …….most challenging job of all time but so incredibly rewarding and so much fun.

    Posted by E! | November 11, 2010, 11:25 am
  3. By the time I’d reached high school I wanted to be a Vet – I loved animals and used to follow my local vet around (we lived in the bush). Even cleaned wounds, stitched up cuts and gave needles! When I finally got to university I managed to do a year of study before bombing out due to *cough* distractions.

    Now, at 29 I want to go back to University to be a psychologist.

    But the real truth? I just don’t want to grow up!

    Posted by Jelly | November 11, 2010, 12:15 pm
  4. I wanted to be an interior designer. For some reason going to the open day put me off, although I also think my mum was quite negative about the place and this influenced me. I did start an Interior design course anyway a few years later, but wasn’t in the right head space for study at that point. I’ve tried many things-jewellery design (good at design, crap at actually making the stuff), hospitality (enjoy cooking, but the job is too stressful for me), aged care, retail and also fashion design. I’ve had a home business making baby slings. Right now I work in child care part time, and am planning to go to uni next year to study Arts majoring in psychology-thinking child psychology or social work. Its still evolving 🙂

    Posted by Jayne | November 11, 2010, 12:17 pm
  5. I wanted to be a primary school teacher, my parents wanted me to be high school teacher. They took me to see someone who did an assessment and provided an IQ test result and report that basically said I’d be bored by primary school teaching. So I went to uni with the intention of doing a BA and then going on to Dip Ed and teaching high school. Basically I got through the BA, decided teenagers were feral and stayed with my uni job of medical receptionist and from there got promoted to medical centre manager.

    Since then I’ve become a stay at home mum and love spending time in my daughters primary school classrooms so much that once they are both established in school I’m going to train as a teachers aide – for primary school.

    Annie and Heidi love to list all the things they are going to do when they grow up, both girls know it is okay to dream of doing any job they want, that it is okay to change their minds and that Mummy wants them to be happy first.

    Heidi also frequently assures me that she will never leave me alone and is going to live at home forever.

    Posted by leechbabe | November 11, 2010, 10:12 pm
  6. Here is a funny one…put me off that career choice quickly.
    I was asked in year 10 to write down what I wanted to do when I left high school. I thought I had written a fantastic essay about how I wanted to practice law, but my teacher pointed out that by me writing “I want to practice soliciting” was actually saying that I want to be a prostitute! Too embarrassing…

    Posted by Katrina | November 12, 2010, 12:06 am
  7. What a good question! And interesting looking back to remember my answers. The first thing I wanted to be was a ballerina/dancer (no surprise that I then spent 20 years of my life dancing) and this developed into wanting to be an actor. Given my eventual height of nearly 6ft and my lack of pure talent at dancing, it became a hobby in secondary school and not a career choice. Even as an early teenager, I could see it was a hard career path and not necessarily a stable job waiting for me.
    I thought about being a teacher, but both my parent’s are teachers and I felt I knew what it was like in that career and wanted to make my own way (then ended up following my cousin! literally!).

    By the time Year 10 came around and I got to choose a work experience job, I was keen on being a vet. I loved the work experience, although during one desexing operation I did get a little light headed. I decided that’s what I would do until I realised the subjects that I would have to do in order to become a vet so changed my mind as they did not interest me at all.

    So after choosing VCE subjects I enjoyed, I found myself in a double degree of business and psychology. Whilst exploring the world of Human Resource Management was interesting and exciting, I felt there was a glass ceiling for woman who had families and were trying to balance these. I may not have known exactly what I wanted to do, but I did know I wanted to by a Mum. And so that leads me to my career now; a Mum and a psychologist. I can definitely say that I am happy with both career paths 🙂

    Posted by c-o | November 12, 2010, 8:24 pm

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