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Summer Solstice

This post has been reproduced from my first blog here SUMMER SOLSTICE begins tonight with the full moon and continues through to tomorrow at 10.38am The summer solstice is a festive day of joy and happiness. It is one of the great solar festivals and celebrates the peak of Summer. It is the longest day … Continue reading

I want a barbie campervan and I want it now!

{Title to be read in your best Veruca Salt voice – now go back and read it again =)} Tonight I picked up the lay-bys put away long ago, July actually which only feels like yesterday. These parcels are the items you hope you have correct from the Christmas list diligently written out in the … Continue reading

Friday the 13th? No the 3rd…..

There had been a slightly funky smell around our back door for a few days. I couldn’t quite place what the smell was but potentially thought it may be cat urine as we have a crazy cat lady a few doors down and thought it may be her one of hers.  But as I said … Continue reading

He will come and see you when you’re quietly sleeping….

I can not believe that today is December 1st already. Time has just flown by. I get a bit shirty when this day hits as I feel like it’s not long and the year is over. It gets me thinking what have I achieved this year and what has my year been filled with. I … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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