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He will come and see you when you’re quietly sleeping….

I can not believe that today is December 1st already. Time has just flown by. I get a bit shirty when this day hits as I feel like it’s not long and the year is over. It gets me thinking what have I achieved this year and what has my year been filled with. I don’t dwell for long – well until boxing day when my focus does turn to New Years Eve and New Years Day and reflection is in full swing but I digress.

The only event that seems to lift me out of my doldrums is the fact that Christmas is only 24 sleeps away.  In actual fact its Christmas Eve that puts the spirit in my Christmas.

Christmas is special in our family as it is in a lot of families. Christmas Day is spent with one side of relatives and it is nice but the magic of Christmas eve is wonderful. The memories it evokes the moment I think of it are overwhelming.

I havent known Christmas without our Christmas Eve.  My Grandma who I wrote about here initiated the tradition when the family moved out from England.  She had none of her extended family to surround her and celebrate with her and my Grandad and their children so she started this and invited all of the neighbours and friends in the street to their house.

This wasnt just a booze up (technical term). My childhood memories a filled with sitting around the ‘real’ christmas tree, smelling the fresh, crisp pine smell. Singing the carols with gusto and giggling as a child and teenager about enunciating words such as “come” in every song and “pa rum pum pum pum”.

We then moved on to games trying to get hats on heads as quickly as possible and remove them just as fast, pass oranges between people only via necks – yes does sound strange but was more awkward when as teenagers we were passing to our cousins? Funnily enough the only objective on our mind was not to lose as that would be devastating. We dressed up in winter clothes as snowmen and tried to keep balloons in the air by yelling out allocated numbers with the goal being for the balloon to hit the ground before our opponent could keep it in the air. We snuck chocolate in our mouth although we hadn’t rolled a ‘six’ and didn’t have the coat and hat on and hadn’t cut the piece with a knife and fork.

In these games, playing isn’t really optional- adults or children and cheating bending the rules is compulsory as long as it’s in the spirit of the game. Competitiveness is absolutely necessary. Bring your ‘A’ game or don’t come at all.

We have supper which as a child consisted of traditional english treats of mince pies, yorkshire pudding and whatever else Grandma cooked up. We hid under the table to eat. No adults allowed.

The evening raced by and once we were old enough we waited excitedly for the first present of the occasion.  With the knock of midnight – “Merry Christmas” rang throughout the house and then goodies were handed out.  Looking back I don’t know how our parents did it with the late night til 2am or 3am then backing it up with our dawn wake ups.

Oh how I love Christmas. Grandma has made an impact on our lives forever.  I know every single one of my cousins would agree with me that it is special.

Gratefully my little people are still able to experience the tradition now. Although 20 years have passed without her physical prescence, thanks to family members the fun and games have continued.

Wishing you all a fabulous festive season and christmas with those you love and are important to you.  Only 24 sleeps!  Please share what your traditions are or what makes your christmas what it is. I’d love to hear.

*the title is to one my favourite songs that Grandma sang with actions

He will come and see you when you’re quietly sleeping,

In the bedroom he will come a creeping.

Hang up all your stockings on the bedstead children,

Blow out the candle light.  Jump into bed. Cover up your head.

Blow a kiss…Goodnight!



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5 thoughts on “He will come and see you when you’re quietly sleeping….

  1. I love your traditions on Christmas Eve! How gorgeous! We do a lot of eating on Christmas day and present opening is still magical. I love Christmas so much more now my sister and I have children, we get to start our own traditions now too.

    Posted by Jade | December 1, 2010, 1:15 am
  2. Love the way you have captured our Christmas Eve tradition. I am so proud of this tradition; when describing it to new friends I can’t help but saying “we have the BEST Christmas Eve party!” Anyone who knows me well, knows how much this night means to me. What a beautiful tradition for us to pass onto our children. It’s hard to believe we were their age doing those exact same things once, as were our parents.
    Safe and happy Christmas everyone x

    Posted by C-O | December 2, 2010, 7:33 am
  3. So lovely to have that memroy with your Grandma. Both of my grandmothers had a huge influence on my life – not at Christmas but in other ways. I am creating traditions in our family – we always had lovely Christmases but not full of traditions. I am hoping to be like the Grandma and leave an impression! Happy Christmas xx

    Posted by Yvette Vignando | December 2, 2010, 9:30 pm
  4. This brought a tear to my eye! One of my favorite christmas’ was Christmas eve with you all. You wrote about it beautifully! Missing you always xo

    Posted by Brydie | December 6, 2010, 10:47 pm

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