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Friday the 13th? No the 3rd…..

There had been a slightly funky smell around our back door for a few days. I couldn’t quite place what the smell was but potentially thought it may be cat urine as we have a crazy cat lady a few doors down and thought it may be her one of hers.  But as I said I wasnt quite sure.  Thankfully I hadn’t been out there for a couple of days but unlucky for some – the Mr, he went out the back on Friday night to hang his whites on the line. Yep whoops partner of the year here hadn’t made sure they were washed for tomorrows game. So he came back inside gagging and shaking his head and shared the unfortunate news that he believes a cat is deceased in the little people’s old cubby house, thankfully not the new Taj Mahal otherwise I would really not have coped.

As it was after 10pm at night at least, we discussed the options for the funeral. Removal on the night or tomorrow. Being the ever efficient Mr that he is, everything was attended to on the night. Peg on nose, gloves on hands, work boots on feet and operation complete. I did feel sorry for him after my panic. There was no way I would have been able to do that.

But back to me! =) All the while this was happening I am having a panic attack and over analysing why this cat has decided to come and die in my back yard – right near my back door! Yes clearly not coping.

Fair enough I don’t deal with death too well. But of major concern for me was the negative energy that I felt must have been surrounding the house. Quick email out to a couple of people and they assured me that they felt the cat felt safe and secure enough to have a peaceful death at my abode. It doesn’t matter that its freaking me out!

Before receiving their answers though the Feng Shui books came out, symbology books where cats and death were reviewed and then ideas of how to cleanse the space had all been pored over.  If this was bad luck I was doing something about reversing it!

This got me thinking….I have many superstitions, idiosyncrasies, routines and rituals that my life twists and turns around and incorporates. This means that and that means this and make sure you do this that way.

When I was a child it was bad luck if you stepped on the lines in the footpaths, or if you didnt hold your breath and put your finger on your belly button as you drove past the cemetry – yes truly. I gave this one away when I started to drive as I wasnt able to keep the car on the road and was getting distracted with no oxygen! We used to have to say Jinx if someone said something at the same time or punch someone if you drove past a VW beetle.

These days Ive used many a Feng Shui principle from the Ba Gua mirror reflecting negative energy at the front door, the frog at the front door, crystals hanging from the windows, spraying essences to cleanse the room. I wear certain colours to deflect energy at times or not absorb it. I wear and use crystals in most situations you can imagine. I look up meanings for sore body parts and their psychological connection, I ask the angels for car parks (and lots of other things), I get concerned if a mirror breaks, I don’t like to tell any lies not even white lies now as I believe Karma will come and bite me on the rear. This is only the beginning. Heck I’ve even thrown salt out after someone as they leave the house!

Crazy it sounds, maybe even OCD =), delusional well I know I’m not that far! I am sure many of you have your own superstitions. People who play sport and their lucky underwear, “touching wood” or eating certain foods?

So tell me, what are your kooky ways. Share in the comments below


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One thought on “Friday the 13th? No the 3rd…..

  1. We are very similar in a lot of what you have posted! I’d have been googling as well had that cat of died in my backyard too. We had several birds die in our front yard a few months back and I was beside myself as to why it had happened and how to counteract any negativity that surrounded their deaths.

    I burn white sage to cleanse the rooms, I use Reiki symbols to cleanse as well. If i’m feeling even a tiny bit uneasy I white light myself and loved ones like crazy. I ask the Universe for car parks, green lights etc. Have even taught my 6yr old to do the same thing and be thankful when we find things hehehe

    Crazy nonense? Meh, I think people are crazy NOT to do these things 😉

    Ohh, and kudos to your Mr for doing that horrible deed. I’d have been inside like you have panic attacks over what had happened!

    Posted by Mrs B | December 7, 2010, 12:37 am

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