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I want a barbie campervan and I want it now!

{Title to be read in your best Veruca Salt voice – now go back and read it again =)}

Tonight I picked up the lay-bys put away long ago, July actually which only feels like yesterday. These parcels are the items you hope you have correct from the Christmas list diligently written out in the last few weeks. They forget to tell you when you have children a dose of clairvoyance is required.

Interacting with others on twitter over recent weeks it is clear what the hot ticket items are for many children and how as parents we want our offspring to smile seeing the year’s dream come true. Speaking with @msdovic and @bern_morley its clear that Zhu Zhu pets are the top of a lot of 4+ year olds lists. These electronic hamsters can drive you bananas with their, at times, independent functioning and high-pitched natter that goes on. We have had them and their village inhabiting our house since June. Dont ask me why I’ve gone back for more!  Rivalling these is Club Penguin with the plush Penguins and Puffles hiding in sheets, doonas and lounge suites.  The puffles actually remind me of Popples that we had when we were growing up.

This brings me to the point, every year there is a fad and most wanted toy.  When growing up (this will show my age now) I was obsessed by Barbies and Cabbage Patch Kids. All I wanted was the next best Barbie or accessory, hence the title. Every year all I wanted was that Barbie motor home. I got the horses, the gym, the swimming pool and camping set, the Barbie and the rockers stage and finally the red Ferrari but never the motor home (cue violins) I was devastated. Still am to this day =P and when my little misses are old enough guess what they’re getting! My dream will be fulfilled. =)

I was stoked when I got my go-go ball, slap band and Fraggle Rock game. My brother loved his Rigadoon and Inspector Gadget toy.  Other toy crazes and phases that waved through our household were Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, Carebears, Voltron and Transformers, He-Man and She-Ra with castle gray-skull, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Gumby to name a few.

A little later I worked at Granny May’s and they were the shop to go to for the latest gimic. I remember the first christmas I worked there and people went nuts over Tamogotchi’s, then the revival of yo-yo’s which were now lit up or did their own tricks or you could get the old-school Coca-Cola and Fanta.

I saw the crowds come in for Southpark merchandise, Little Miss memorabilia, trolls and the original beanie kids movement.

It does not stop does it and then the anniversary toys come back of the originals or they re-release.

So fill me in. What was on your Christmas wish list when you were younger?Put a link up of your favourite toy growing up and I’ll put a picture of it up.


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6 thoughts on “I want a barbie campervan and I want it now!

  1. Anything Barbie. I had the speedboat, the pink corvette, the dream kitchen (complete with an oven that went BING!) and I remember some kind of music video set? I was quite spoiled by my Nanna – the joys of being one of two grandkids.

    Posted by Glowless | December 16, 2010, 1:55 am
  2. Granny May’s! Gawd, that bring backs vivid Christmas shopping memories. Can suddenly see Garfield mugs and giant teddy bear cookie jars and novelty pens.

    We have just caved to Zhu Zhu pets since 7 year old has been nagging all year for one, though interestingly she has actually asked for “surprises” and my 5 yo (both girls) has been asking for wholesome things like a ragdoll and a yoyo and a pogo stick (sadly didn’t get the pogo stick since we have nowhere for her to use it). The toy both girls love most at the moment is their hula hoops. Also Littlest Pet Shop are big here.

    I always wanted a Mr Frosty slushy maker and a Baby Alive doll.

    Got a Cabbage Patch Kid one year (a boy called Aaron Colin – blech), and a Doll’s House from Salamanca Market another year with lots of beautiful furniture that the dog chewed a few years later (actually doll house was Xmas, furniture was birthday – which is on the 27th). Loved my Strawberry Shortcakes. I had two: Apple Blossom and Apricot (who came with a little rabbit called Hopsalot).

    Posted by Penni | December 17, 2010, 10:41 am
  3. Okay, had to come back.

    Got a Mini Pacman arcade one year – loved it, but envied my sister her Donkey Kong game.

    And Swedish Clogs! In the eighties in Tassie there was a Swedish Clog thing.

    And do you remember the family treehouse? http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_AZsFI4os5k8/TMo7VDgaG-I/AAAAAAAAAFI/quQh203mQzg/s1600/FAMILY+TREEHOUSE.JPG I so wanted one of those. My next door neighbour had divorced parents and lived with her grandparents (a very sad situation really) but as a result had three Chhristmases and every toy you could imagine. She had this one. They’ve actually re-released a version of this toy and I still want it badly “for the kids” but it’s very expensive.

    Posted by Penni | December 17, 2010, 10:55 am
  4. Oh my! That tree house!! I had one and have thought of it over the years, I had a lot of fun with it.
    I was stoked the years I got a Pogo Stick too and Cabbage Patch Dolls and slap bands! Hahaha, great post Cath, brought back a heap of great memories.
    Just goes to show that kids really do have the most fun through independent play when given a helping hand and the opportunity to develop one hell of an imagination!

    Posted by Jade | December 23, 2010, 2:16 pm

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