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“Integrity as a concept has to do with perceived consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcome. People use integrity as a holistic concept, judging the integrity of systems in terms of those systems’ ability to achieve their own goals” ~ Dictionary.com

This is a concept that I value highly. Without realising it and naming it I use the worth and personal reflection of this as a measure of a person’s value system.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that I am right or wrong and some may perceive that at times I am rather black and white. But what I feel is at a person’s core is their ability to be true to themselves and reflect this.  In addition to this also resonate appropriate levels of truth, honesty, consistency and awareness of others with their behaviour indicative of this.

Now this may seem like a heavy topic but this post is something that has been floating around in my mind for some time now. A recent incident that I am a witness to “pressed my integrity button”.

I can not stand when someone is clearly aware of their single-minded actions and does not consider consequences or others all because their own ego gets in the way. Now I have to take a step back and acknowledge that I do not know the whole story behind the incident but from the information I have observed as an “outsider” it still indicates that this person is not acting with integrity.

Generally speaking it riles me when a person presents their ideas and philosophies and expects others to see the benefits of same but yet they do not follow through with their own actions – it could be likened to the saying “Do as you’re told not do as I do”.  Another scenario is whereby the occupation of a person reflects certain ideals and philosophies and even in some cases the job expects adherence to ethics, policies and procedures yet other aspects show behaviour in a way that contradicts all that they advise. How is one supposed to trust that person in their role if the two areas show the values and behaviour as clearly not compatible.

I know I am not pointing out specifics but I do not think the content is relevant. This can be applied to businesses providing a service where aim and appearance are not consistent with the personalities of those within it, professionals providing a service where they have guidelines to follow but in other aspects of business are clearly failing implicit expectations or bullying within organisations where they are known for more supportive actions. Hey it could even be applied to relationships with people saying one statement but their continued behaviour reflects otherwise. I’m sure the list could go on.

This has made me think further about characteristics or qualities that I now believe I have in some way made a non-compromise of personal values for those people who I nurture relationships with.  I think integrity is the general term for me that encompasses the notions of respect, truth not only about fact but of being true to oneself, honesty and the general feeling of genuineness. Don’t get me wrong I love many positive and less serious traits but these aspects get me passionate and vocal.

So what are the traits, characteristics, values or ideals that you hold high. What do you think you can not compromise on? Share with me. xx


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5 thoughts on “Integrity

  1. So interesting to read this today, I too hold values and integrity in high esteem. I seek them out in my friendships and observe to see whether or not friends do as they say and follow their own values. It’s not so much that their values need to be the same as mine or that I would need to agree with their perspective, but that they are living in accordance. I find it interesting to see how others’ live according to their values and the ways in which they let themselves down…which is human.

    Today a gf and I were chatting about infidelity and temptation, I understand it from quite a holistic perspective but am still intrigued about the intensity of it all and what we can learn from the temptation to stray. My gf has such different views from me, which once upon a time left me feeling she was lacking as a person. Today I realised that she’s learning in such a different way to me and found I was able to become genuinely intrigued by her way of thinking, and when I was honest I could find similarities between our experiences.

    Posted by Sarah | January 29, 2011, 10:09 pm


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