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Calm In The Eye Of The Storm

2011 hasn’t had a good start. 2010 for me felt like it held such promise and I got knocked around a bit to say the least so welcoming 2011 was like “anything has to be better than last year…” mmm personally yes it has been better than last year. Generally, it has not been a … Continue reading

Not Happy

I am grateful for you visiting my blog. Truly I am grateful for your comments and contributions. I am grateful for the inspiration I am provided with for each post. Thank you. What I ask is that if you would like to use the information that I have written about upon this blog then ask.  … Continue reading

Jagged Little Pill

Yes, finally back. Thank you for your patience. At the time I thought I may be able to write a blog post about my break in transmission BUT unfortunately I am not in that headspace to be able to reveal all on my blog. Lets just say I needed a period of reflection and processing … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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