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Jagged Little Pill

Yes, finally back. Thank you for your patience.

At the time I thought I may be able to write a blog post about my break in transmission BUT unfortunately I am not in that headspace to be able to reveal all on my blog. Lets just say I needed a period of reflection and processing and didnt need the distraction and natter of social media and the internet.
So thank you from the bottom of my heart for returning to my blog!

I have now displayed a contact email address for your benefit if you are wanting to contact me for anything or would like me to contribute to your website, blog or any other forum 😉 (YES PLEASE! – PAID WORK even better!)

Anyways, better get back to what you are here for.
This blog is a two part series. Well I plan to. It was originally one but the second piece of the puzzle (which is now the first) fell in my lap and gave further context for me to work with.

The last few weeks the Mr hasnt been well. Firstly severely spraining his ankle which I will discuss in post 2 and then now over the past 7 days at least, he has been suffering from general symptoms that were eventually labelled sinusitis and infection (I think!) yes I know I wasnt paying enough attention. But the reason I wasnt paying enough attention is that the diagnosis came on Friday afternoon – after work. Now I am all for a hardworker and I am very grateful for the work that he does to allow me the fortunate position of staying home with our 3 little people BUT if you are sick then you should take a day off. Im sure in most businesses now they want work productivity and loyalty but they also do not want one of their workers coming in, sharing their wealth of the latest strain of bacteria pulsing through their body. 

My thoughts would be to stay home, at least for one day.  So you can tell that the Mr took the high road and slogged it out for the week.  Each night coming home, stuffed from the day at work and complaining how sick and tired he felt and how it was slowly taking over his body.  My intial repsonse was to support him and help with trying to conquer the nasty before it took hold.  By the end of the week I was ready to “ring his neck” as my grandmother used to say.  Theres only so much sympathy you can dish out and put up with the symptoms and “male” reactions to same- *insert “ehh oh, ah, grumble, huff” and the expletives*

End result- off he trundled to the GP for a review and lo and behold, what was that?  A script for some antibiotics and eye drops oh and some pain medication were dispensed. Now given by that stage the illness probably had progressed to an infection so it was warranted.  But here is my point – why did it take so long for him to address the issue?  Why couldnt he have taken a day off, slept it off, flooded it out with copious amounts of water and added some extra doses of the probiotic?  Im sure there is further remedies that couldve been trialled.  But no, the slow derterioration suited his mind set and the end result of medication fulfilled his need.

Now I know we all talk about ‘manflu’ with this concept being men feeling worse than women but Im thinking more along the lines of ways of coping with the illness. For me my action plan when feeling under the weather is fairly intuitive but mostly commenced with increased sleep, probiotics and water. Improved quality of eating with more fruit and vegies and occassionally finish it off with the icing on the cake with some ‘me time’ which entails a massage or even just a get of jail house card.

I know that my Mr does not settle for anything less than a pill [or surgery when upping the ante =)]. Point proven when he was feeling much better on Saturday morning and it had been 12 hours. Yes I know meds work but not that fast.

Personally, whether it is in the mind or not I dont really get sick. Whether it be good immunity, my action plan or my positive thinking – which I do believe plays a big role in coping with illness, sickness happens rarely for me. I could even narrow it down that when I do get sick it is because I am not coping with something emotionally.

So how do you cope? There is plenty of different ways. Do you need a pill? Are you fixed by a particularly remedy? Speaking to someone the other night they said their illness improves dramatically after consuming echincea. She even said she notices in her mind shes saying after immediately taking the tablet “Yep Im feeling better”. She knows its not working that quickly. 

Share with me. How do you cope? Do you think there is a male or female way of coping? Or is there a family way of coping? Would love to know your thoughts and experiences.


About Bringing Spirit Into The Everyday

Modern Suburban Hippie (minus hallucinogens :) ) Vegetarian. Passionate. Love Laughs. Yoga. Chai Lattes. Crystals. Oracle cards. Goddesses. Angels. Spiritual. Perfume Loving. Intuitive Parenting. Breastfeeding Mama. Sport Loving. Opinionated. Scorpio. Psychologist. I have 3 little people who rock my world.


8 thoughts on “Jagged Little Pill

  1. I am a hopeless sick person. I Google my symptoms until I’m convinced I have a terminal illness and I require bucket-loads of attention and sympathy, of which I get none. So I do the only thing I can: whine and complain constantly until I’m well again.

    Posted by Kim | March 1, 2011, 10:13 am
  2. I too am a hopeless sick person, except I go to work and winge and moan how sick I am, until they say go home because I feel bad not going in! Then I hit up the docs for some pills that don’t even do anything and have a couple days off..

    Posted by Amanda | March 2, 2011, 6:03 pm
  3. We are somewhat in sync here. I rarely, if ever, get sick and when I do there is usually a life issue bugging me or the kids haven’t been sleeping. Right now I have my typical swollen sinus face and that is because my plate is overloaded (feeling suffocated). But I never actually stop. I always know that as soon as I get some time off, everything is alright again. I see a naturopath and take mineral boosters, and I did get a deep neck & shoulder massage today. OOhwee, boy did she get in! Ow.

    Posted by Twitchy | March 2, 2011, 11:38 pm
  4. Wish I had have read this earlier in the week! I tend to get sick when I’ve taken too much on or am stressed and my body says “if you aren’t going to rest, I’ll make you sick so you do rest!” It’s either that, or after an intense period of time for whatever reason, I fall in a heap. It’s been since VCE, through Uni, busy times at work, family illness/death etc. Thanks to my cousin’s advice, I have used probiotics, water and sleep which help to a degree. More recently though, my husband broke his shoulder – when surgeon appointments, operations and initial days of recovery were over, I came down with a really bad cold. He got it too. So he had sore shoulder and cold, I was 33 weeks pregnant and had cold. Who got the rest, recoup time and sympathy? Not me! I had to push through with looking after our 2 year old and try to look after myself and him too. Consequently, it took me over 2 weeks to recover. It was both an emotionally and physically draining time and I’m still trying to work out what I would try to do differently next time (god help me if there is a next time!). I felt terrible that my sympathy for him was decreasing so rapidly but I was in self protection mode and I didn’t have the emotional headspace or energy for anymore.

    Timely piece for me. Thanks 🙂

    Posted by c-o | March 5, 2011, 7:20 pm

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