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I heart Louise Hay

This post was scheduled to start the year but with Ipod shuffle distractions and the natural disasters written about here and here and here and then my break in transmission it had to take a back seat.

This isn’t sponsored by anyone although I wish it were (ping Louise Hay and Hay House Publishing) It was at least 15 years ago Louise Hay was mentioned to me. At the time, I was working at a book store so thought I would look up some of her work. During that 5 hour shift I could not put her book down and kept returning to it after thinking about different ailments to look up. By the end of the shift I had diagnosed my boyfriend, mum, dad and brother and anyone else I could think of, upon randomly finding an interesting ailment.

Louise Hay’s basic philosophy is that our mind and body are connected and impact upon one another therefore our body speaks to us with the illnesses it presents. Louise’s work has firm beliefs in affirmations and positive thinking and She advocates loving oneself.

I watched an interesting even unfold before my eyes the other week. This is what Louise Hay’s work is all about:

Three weeks ago Mr Pisces was dragging his feet and wishing he had leave coming up as “just wanted a break”. He’d had enough he said and felt his body needed some down time. He doesn’t always share his worries or concerns although I can feel when they are brewing. I think with thoughts about cricket (what else!) and our LP3’s birthday headed for a clash with the fixture he was ruminating on the juggling act. By the time the next week had hit, cricket training rolled around and voila` a limping Mr Pisces enters the house having severely sprained his right ankle during practice. *Cue the violins, uncover the crutches from storage, RICE*.

His response – “Im sure its something serious. Ill have to go to the doctor and get scans”. Of course you will dear. Nothing less for he who has a nurse for a mother and his step father was a GP.

Back to my point. He’s brain was telling him he needed a rest and possibly a mental health day. Instead of listening to his thought process that was clearly giving him a heads up, his injury occurred.

The two ways to look at it from Louise Hay Philosophy is that 1. he wasnt listening to his body and therefore this injury occurred or 2. power of thought. I am not suggesting that he consciously caused this accident. What I am saying is that subconsciously his mind and body connected. He expressed the need for a break and the circumstances then facilitated this need.

The third option is of course to believe that the two incidents are not related in the slightest and if that is your world view that’s all good. We can still live harmoniously on the one planet I am just offering a theory that resonates with me and this is Louise Hay’s .

Louise Hay’s work also includes mirror work, forgiveness as a key area, and thoughts about choosing your parents.

Louise Hay has worked many long years at helping herself, originally though she used them working with groups of men diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and then to heal her diagnosis of cancer in her early 40’s. She is now heading into her mid 80’s. That has to be a recommendation for her work and the profound effect it has.

I am not saying Louise Hay is the answer but I do believe she provides strong tools and philosophies to encourage and support change and greater insight into our difficulties and improving our quality of life.

How many times do you look into the mirror and say I love myself? Not look and see if you look attractive or presentable. Actually Looked into your own eyes and said clearly “I Love Myself”. What back pack are putting on every single morning that is filled with “stuff” from back there that you are holding onto? Who are you holding a grudge against. Who are you not forgiving and releasing. Which person has no idea you feel this way about them yet you choose to hold onto the heavy feeling, carrying it with you daily in that emotional back pack? Forgive them. Forgive the situation and let it go. As Louise says “its only hurting you. they dont even know about it” These are all concepts addressed in her work.

So have you ever stubbed your toe, had acne, allergies, ear problems, eye problems or tonsillitis? Maybe you are having problems moving forward? Are you angry about something or yourself? Do you not like what you are hearing or seeing? Are you repressing something you need to say? These are all communications from your body. I like to use them as warning signs to attend to before ill health takes over.

As I am such a fan of her work I love to recommend her to people, but then I thought before christmas a true gift would be to give someone a boost and give them one of her books. So this week I am giving away two of her books. The first is You Can Heal Your Life – the bible in my mind. A book you can regularly reference back to.

The second is a children’s book – I think I am. I love introducing children to these concepts. My little people love this book and I have used the book countless times when working with children in therapy for various reasons. This book focuses on affirmations or as I like to tell children- positive thinking

The Competition:

Please leave a comment stating which book you would like to win (you can comment twice to go into the running for both but have to be separate comments)

Tell me which ideas of Louise Hay’s interests you or how the book would enrich your or your children’s life.

Make sure you pass the link onto other people who may be interested if you have your own copy.

Competition ends: Thursday 14th April at 12.01am (EST)

Come on what have you got to lose?



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15 thoughts on “I heart Louise Hay

  1. Wow. You are taking me back. I stumbled across Louise Hay about 18-20 years ago, as I embarked upon on leaving home. My parents were breaking up and my work was so high pressured- it seemed weekends were for collapsing only. I had endless sinus trouble, stumbled upon You Can Heal Your Life and it basically had me asking myself who was up my nose? I was glued to the ailment index in it and secretly consulted it in relation to other people too. It seemed spot on. It was an amazing insight, a new perspective for which I have been grateful ever since and is now a natural part of my thinking process.

    Now when my son tells me his throat is aching, I ask him to tell me what he might be upset about that he can’t find the words for. I didn’t know there was a kid’s book- I’d love a copy to read to my daughter also, and get her thinking this way from the start.

    Posted by Twitchy | April 6, 2011, 11:48 am
  2. Thanks Purple Cath.. I too found Louise Hay sometime ago & I have read & listened to her words. I bought an evening & morning meditations which I have from iTunes on iPad. I also bought a few iPad apps which are healing , message & angel cards.. D I Y readings.. Love them.
    I agree about the “accident” or “illness” which gives our bodies the rest we ignore! Breaking my leg at a time I was stressed and distracted was the ultimate example! More & more the “god within” and my spiritual connections help me each day…. Just wish I remembered more often. Thanks for reminding me! D x

    Posted by Denyse | April 7, 2011, 12:19 am
  3. I was introduced to Louise Hay a couple of years ago now, and often forget to refer to the fantastic book until something goes “wrong” (isn’t it always the way!). The most recent example was when I strained my calf muscle – it was annoying that I was couch-ridden for a couple of weeks, but I didn’t think much about it. At that time I was going through a hard decision with my job – I had to decide whether to stay with the same company I had worked for many years with alternate duties, or to move out into the big wide world and look for something else. I hadn’t even thought as to WHY I had strained my calf muscle but then one day suddenly I remembered by Louise Hays book and pulled it out. Wouldn’t you know it – my injury was related to my worrying and reluctance to step forward in life. After realising this, and repeating the Affirmation suggested in the book – within a few days not only was my leg feeling better – I felt emotionally stronger.

    Posted by jlo | April 12, 2011, 4:39 pm
  4. Louise Hay :I am interested in many new ideas,concepts and theories so would love a copy of her book. I had my angel cards done at a very good friends house on the weekend and that was interesting and enlightening

    Posted by Cathy Sutherland | April 12, 2011, 6:40 pm
  5. Working in healthcare, I see a lot of people that come in with physical ailments, and sometimes when you dig that little bit deeper there is something going on in their lives that can be causing their physical symptoms.
    A friend has mentioned Louise Hay – I just haven’t got around to laying my hands on a copy of it yet.

    Posted by Alison | April 12, 2011, 9:12 pm
  6. I’ve been introduced to Louise Hay’s work as an adult, but how fantastic she has produced children’s books so their journey can be enriched from a young age. Love it! Imagine the seeds that will grow…

    Posted by liss | April 12, 2011, 10:42 pm
  7. I have had a problem with my legs becoming very stiff for the last 15 years. I have been to hospital after hospital and seeing specialist after specialist and no one can work out what’s wrong. They seem to tell me that I have a rare condition called mitochondrial myopathy which is a muscle wasting disease but that can’t be true as when I went for a test, another doctor said that my muscles are strong and I have never felt weak in my legs but the get stiff very easily especially the calves.
    They get tight most of the time and I don’t know why or how to start the emotional work to release them.

    Do you know of these symptoms or can you pass on any advice?

    Posted by vinnykaka | May 26, 2014, 3:33 am


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