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Asparagus and Pickled Onions

Every few months or so I go through different cravings. At the moment I have started back on the cycle of craving asparagus. Yep. No idea why, no idea what it is about asparagus that fills the spot but I need it. There will come a time in the next few weeks when it will be enough and I will not be able to look at asparagus for a while but at the moment I’m enjoying it on toast, in pasta, in a foccacia and on mashed sweet potato at minimum!
I haven’t always included this lovely green vegetable in my diet as I admittedly didn’t know how to cook it. Flashback to 2007 and I was served it for breakfast in hospital after the birth of little person 2. It was like I had another love interest that’s how focused and obsessed I was to include it in ever meal and get my hands, or mouth rather on some.
As most women experience when they are with bambino in belly they are drawn to certain foods or are repulsed by others.
I find now I experience similar sensations – no I’m not pregnant again! If I listen to my body and look at patterns there is definitely a link.

This inspires me to look further into food as medicine. Briefly, our body craves that which we need and therefore we should aim to eat foods which contain those elements.

Anyway back to the topic- Asparagus. 🙂
Other cravings I flow in and out of (other than the obvious chocolate) are for pickled onions, tomato and salt, beetroot, milkshakes, garlic bread, tzatziki or beetroot dip and avocado to name a few.
Some have been initiated by pregnancy others I have just become more aware of.

Do you have any cravings? Did you have any whilst pregnant? What foods or food combos hit the spot?

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food” Hippocrates 460 – 359 BC


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