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I must be so enlightened

Bloody Oprah I tell you. She did it on purpose! She says she is coming to Australia. Her first and last show ever in Australia. Yes the buzz does get to you.  The steps one has to take to see her – You have to subscribe to her website and then apply during the allotted time.  To continue to the next step though when subscribing you have to oh choose the topics of interest you like to then receive newsletters. Smacks forehead! Stupid! I tell you. Oh just tick half of the topics available. Make sure you check the boxes that include information on spirituality you don’t want to miss anything new!

Cleaning out my email inbox over the last few days and I could not get over the amount of newsletters I receive that pertain to spirituality, metaphysics, new age and complementary therapy topics. It is nearly an addiction. See new website – sign up for email updates. Oh and don’t forget to bookmark or favourite that just in case you want to pop back there again.

But really how spiritually enlightened can I get from all these emails. Half of them I am not reading. They are not going to enlighten me by osmosis. So all they are doing is cluttering up my inbox. Yes I need to unsubscribe. I’ll get there. Maybe one of those hundreds of Oprah emails will shed some insight? Or maybe one of the feng shui newsletters will give me a tip on decluttering and unsubscribing from newsletters! Hang on I am sure I have seen an email about hypnosis and clearing out unhealthy habits somewhere….let me just check.

Though seriously, back to Oprah. I get at least 2 emails from her website each day. Do people seriously read all of these? I think it is a bit over the top and because I receive them so often I now get to the point where I refuse to read them because they are bombarding my inbox. Really, is what you have to say that life changing to send so many emails? I like simplicity.

So what newsletters, emails clog your inbox. What type of newsletter do you addictively subscribe to? Do you really read them all? What type do you know you need to unsubscribe from?

FYI: On top of all of that I forgot to apply for tickets for Oprah during the allotted time period and therefore am receiving these newsletters for NOTHING! Grrrrrr =)


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2 thoughts on “I must be so enlightened

  1. well i get heaps of emails from the Richmond football club and i dont read them all i suppose we my family have a addiction but we get newsletters,text messages emails at least once a day wether it is to donate to build a new stand etc All i Want is them to win a game ..Go Tigers

    Posted by Cathy | April 27, 2011, 9:10 am
  2. Oh I hear you, must be the time for de-cluttering e-mails! I have recently done the same, I find it a bit inconsiderate that businesses bombard the inbox, once or twice a week is enough, surely? It was only recently that I reminded myself that there would be an ‘unsubscribe’ option and I needed to take it, rather than getting huffy.

    Symbolically it suggests it’s time for us to take back our own power, trust our inner knowing, let go of the need to be ful-filled by the ‘knowledge’ of others and to be very discerning about what we choose to ‘consume’ or ‘accept’ and what we don’t. It’s time for us to take control of our inboxes…and the rest. All the best with the ‘unsubscribe’ process, I’m still going.

    Posted by Sarah | April 27, 2011, 10:48 am

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