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Etchings on memories

Some people can pop into my head at the strangest of times. Strange being that I have not thought of this person in a long time or the fact that I may not have even see them in a long time.  So why are they swimming in my thoughts at random hours or minutes.

Have you ever had someone who has touched your life forever. Good or bad scenario but it has affected you as a person and ultimately may have changed your course on your path either by adjusting its direction, making the ride more bumpy or in fact much smoother? Did they provide you with insight that was like an a-ha moment?

I know Oprah spoke about a significant school teacher in her 4th grade called Mrs. Dunkin who empowered her to be a successful woman. “I always, because of you, felt I could take on the world. You did exactly what teachers are supposed to do, they create a spark for learning that lives with you from then on,” Oprah says. “It’s why I have a talk show today.”

Others have spoken of teachers, neighbours, managers that have had an impact.

For me I have had both positive and negative situations or people if you will, impact upon my life. They have been etched in my cellular memory and therefore yes pop up every now and then. Upon writing this Ive realised they may pop up as they connect to a certain mental state or feeling I may be having and this feeling then invokes the memory of them but I’ll leave that for another post.

Most experiences I’ve had have been of beautiful people.
*My “baby sitter” was a woman who began caring for me within her home with her children and a few other children when my mum had to return to work. She treated myself and my brother like one of her own and at times was like a second mother. I can’t put my finger on exactly the magnitude of her impact but without a doubt am sure she influenced the type of person I am today. Seeing her, her husband and her family always invokes such feelings of warmth and love within me.

* I always felt a connection to most teachers during primary school. One in particular in grade 5 Mr.D* became a pen pal for a little while after our year and upon leaving the school. I’m unsure what it was that connected me to him but he always sticks in my mind as influential.

* I did like a lot of my secondary school teachers too. Many I still recall with warm and positive feelings although my Year 12 pastoral teacher’s card/sentiment to me always keeps me focussed she said “I’m sure you will succeed at whatever it is you choose to do, you have that certain Je ne sais quoi”

*My manager in my first employment after being “qualified” in what I actually studied to do was A-grade. I still miss her to this day and wish I could work for her and absorb all that knowledge that she has. Not only was she exceptional at her job and with the wealth of information that she had to share but also in daily life. She was there dropping hints, ideas and opinions into our everyday during the casual conversations we had without us realising. She was a midwife prior to psychiatry and there was one poignant conversation we had standing around a table. She knew I was into “fluffy stuff” as she called it and we were having a discussion about the fear of delivering babies. I will never forget and her words rang daily during my pregnancies “Women are women for a reason. They are built the way they are built for that reason. Their body knows what to do and just needs to do it. They were born this way”. It was profound for me.  I got over my preciousness  and she reached inside and lit a candle that I didn’t know was there. More than that it is like it truly uncovered a dormant innate power and belief system. For this I am truly grateful. She epitomised the true essence of a mentor.

* Unfortunately although I had such a strong and significant relationship with her I then encountered one of the worst relationships of my life. Soul destroying. With gratitude I can look back and thank this person for entering my life to highlight the inner strength and resolve I had to rally to work through this situation. I’m not interested in discussing this now and again it may come up in a later post but what I can say is that she was a significant person on my life chart that will never be forgotten.

* Another important person that arrived in my life came in the way of a universal synchronicity. After being shifted significantly on my spiritual and metaphysical path by Doreen Virtue I came across a woman, possibly I could say two women working independently who re-acqainted me or so it felt with tools and connections that were experienced lifetimes ago but felt so right. Having not met these women I still may be treading water in a place not far from where I was those years ago. Thankfully my growth has taken the form of a rapid exponential curve.

There has also been some bright sparks that although the contact has been fleeting the impact has been forever. Those people know who they are too as I believe the feeling and sensation was and is mutual.

Finally, besides my parents, brother, children, partner and family. The one person to have a huge impact on my psyche was my long time boyfriend. The lessons and information learnt and experienced is indescribable. Although it sounds typical it would be a significant omission were I not to note is influence.

Is there someone who you will never forget? What lessons did they provide. Why were they so important?


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3 thoughts on “Etchings on memories

  1. It’s an odd one to pull out of nowhere, but I do know why it is. A very long-standing teacher friend of my mother’s who at the time had no children of her own, used to have me for sleep overs- sometimes together with her god daughter. I was around 8-12. We chatted, we discussed Greek Mythology, we baked, we attended her school’s productions, we went to the RSPCA to look for a dog, so many things. The reason these experiences stand so clearly in my mind to this day, is that I was not with family, but with probably the only person unrelated to me that ever gave me so much of her quality time, just because she wanted to. That was special.

    Posted by Twitchy | June 21, 2011, 12:17 am


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