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Winter Solstice ~ Yule

Happy Winter Solstice!
I love Winter. Maybe that’s why I feel blessed to live where I do too
Today is the day in the southern hemisphere where as opposed to summer the sun is furthest from the earth and as we most likely know, it has the longest night or shortest day of the year.

It’s another great day to reflect on your dreams and wishes and to note them down and focus on them for harvest in the spring. It’s about honouring the darkness of life’s mysteries without losing faith.  How to recognize the seeds of growth and nurture them in our own inner warmth until the light returns.

Yule is an anglo-saxon word which means wheel. This was chosen to symbolise the seasons. Ancient people saw the flow of time as circular, not linear, and the changing seasons were understood as a Great Wheel, the Wheel of the Year.  Winter Solstice is a celebration of this concept.

The sun is often focused upon as a symbol of today as after tonight the Sun will grow stronger and stronger, ’til we reach the time of the longest day at the Summer Solstice.
Symbolically red and green are the colours during celebration and normally candles of these tones are lit.
The warming essential oils of cinnamon, juniper, ginger, black pepper, peppermint, camphor, tea tree or rosemary or burnt/vapourised to fill the area during the festivities.
The energy of a gemstone is heightened during certain times of the year. Crystals for the winter solstice are bloodstone, ruby and garnet

Many gods and goddesses can be called upon or focused during this occasion.
*The crone (also part of the triple goddess)
Is the wise woman who possesses the powers of healing, divination and clairvoyance, all associated with the dark of the moon and the dark time of year. The crone represents death and destruction to make way for regeneration.
*Amaterasu (Japan)
Worshippers celebrated the return of Amaterasu, the sun goddess, who slept in a cold, remote cave. When the other gods woke her with a loud celebration, she looked out of the cave and saw an image of herself in a mirror. The other gods convinced her to emerge from her seclusion and return sunlight to the universe. The goddess Amaterasu teach us about the healing power of laughter and dance, and remind us that we can often find healing and wisdom in humor.

Although winter can feel bleak and dark and this is the longest night of the year it reminds me of the Osho Zen card of nothingness.

“Buddha has chosen one of the really very potential words – shunyata. The English word, the English equivalent, “nothingness”, is not such a beautiful word. That’s why I would like to make it “no-thingness” – because the nothing is not just nothing, it is all. It is vibrant with all possibilities. It is potential, absolute potential. It is unmanifest yet, but it contains all.
In the beginning is nature, in the end is nature, so why in the middle do you make so much fuss? Why, in the middle, becoming so worried, so anxious, so ambitious – why create such despair? Nothingness to nothingness is the whole journey.
Being “in the gap” can be disorienting and even scary. Nothing to hold on to, no sense of direction, not even a hint of what choices and possibilities might lie ahead. But it was just this state of pure potential that existed before the universe was created.
All you can do now is to relax into this no-thingness…fall into this silence between the words…watch this gap between the outgoing and incoming breath. And treasure each empty moment of the experience. Something sacred is about to be born.” ~ Osho

This solstice matches perfectly with my own life mantra “answers are within” Winter solstice gives us that time to look at the light within and nourish it until the sun returns to re-energise.

Blessings for a beautiful day

**Also on this day is the lovely birthday of one of my favourite bloggers whom I met on Twitter. She reignited my passion to get back into my online space. Happy Birthday Bern! from So now what xx


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6 thoughts on “Winter Solstice ~ Yule

  1. I am so in sync with this right now! At a time when it feels as though some things have being taken away from me, all I feel today is positive about new beginnings. Thank you, Cath xxx

    Posted by Twitchy | June 21, 2011, 1:08 pm
  2. I’ve been so down the past week/ 2 weeks, heightened anxiety and yesterday I realised its about all the stuff I need to let go of. Have let go of. I’m in a new world working for myself and doing the work of spirit – am I good enough, what am I thinking….. and then I come back to the simple truth – it was the Universe and Spirit that got me here and it will be the Universe and Spirit that take me forward. My job is to listen. Purplecath and Twitchy I’m glad to have found you two wise women and goddesses.

    The second half of this year is going to be VERY different to the first half. Its about fertilising the ground and deepening the roots.

    Thanks for a great post Cath. xo

    Posted by Jules George | June 21, 2011, 9:19 pm
    • Thank you so much bringing such an important message. We have to trust and listen. You are in a wonderful position and as you said trusting the universe and spirit once again will take you forward. I am so very blessed to have found such a like-minded soul in you too. Right back at you. -xx-

      Posted by 3precocious3lotus3 | June 23, 2011, 1:37 am
  3. Lovely post. Thank you x

    Posted by C-O | June 29, 2011, 8:52 pm


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