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Mirror mirror on the…..

During the week the issue of mirroring behaviour, feelings and the subconscious has been a theme that has arisen during discussions with others. I remembered a past piece that I touched upon this concept a little during a post at my old blog and thought this would be a great time to revisit it again (old post). You may have also observed this term in connection to Sigmund Freud as Projection.

The first incident regarding this issue came about during a discussion focused on the concept of unconditional love. During this “chat”  a reflection occurred to me that if you are being conditional in your relationships, it is a reflection of how we are conditional upon ourselves in our lives and how you may be mirroring it with this person. More specifically in relation to love it can be simply compared that unconditional/conditional love of others reflects the conditional love of self. Self love is a major issue for all of us. Unfortunately I can not do it justice in a small paragraph and therefore give you the concept to ponder further until the next post =)

The second incident that occurred was when a lovely twitter friend @denwise1 spoke of sharing gifts of knowledge and each individual’s brightness shining by being present on earth each day through a Doreen Virtue quote. It actually illuminated again the point of mirroring that we are so very quick to point out the light within others that is burning bright to see but it should be noted by seeing that light you are also seeing your own brightness and wealth of knowledge.

To wrap up thoughts on this matter here is the original blog post from a few years ago which works in nicely with the current events.

I think most of us when some type of issue, conflict, problem and even apparent rejection arises, it is taken on board as personal. That the person has done whatever the instance is on purpose with intent to harm and hurt us.

I think the revelation that is of importance is that it is only ever personal and of harm and hurt if YOU/WE make it personal.  If we were to step back from whatever the incident is that has occurred – it can be clearly seen that the person this relates to has their OWN issues as to why they have reacted this way to you and has their own circumstances they are dealing with, this accounts for their behaviour to us which may have most likely been taken PERSONALLY.

If we truly believe that it IS personal and an attack upon our character and can see no other way- then I ask that you still step back but then look at yourself….The issue is only personal again because you’ve made it, but that you are still not able to shake it and shift it means that it has pressed a nerve. That’s ok – but it’s still not a personal attack from someone else.

We now need to take responsibility that it is our sensitivity and the issue that we need to work on ourselves. We would not have felt attacked if we weren’t already feeling vulnerable about the issue – it would have held no relevance and rolled off our back.

I am not at all excusing bad behaviour such as shouting, swearing, acting badly but the content that is involved is the essence of this discussion.

You can only ever control your reaction to a situation. Therefore choose whether it is positive or negative and choose whether to take it personally or at least learn from the encounter.

Have there been any issues that you have been mirroring lately or getting someone to mirror for you?  Is there issues you have taken personally when on reflection it was actually your own issue not someone elses?  Whose light in your life shines the brightest? What characteristics have they got that you adore?

Just a little note – I am truly grateful for each and every one of you stopping by and for those beautiful people leaving comments. Its ok if you are not you can always drop me an email to let me know your thoughts. Feedback is always appreciated as it helps to keep my path illuminated and guided.

Keeping bringing spirit into your everyday and looking for your answers within -xx-


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4 thoughts on “Mirror mirror on the…..

  1. Could not have received this at a better time than today!! Thank you 🙂 xx

    Posted by Belinda | June 23, 2011, 10:50 am
  2. Ahhh..mirror mirror on the wall…ah it’s YOU I see, and ME right back. Love your words…and our chats even tho’ in 140Char. XXX

    Posted by Denyse | June 23, 2011, 10:11 pm


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