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It’s just a bike race…or is it?

Yes I am bad…give me an Australian playing, achieving, doing well and my heart swells with pride. Give me a television, a sport and an Australian and I start yelling, barracking and now tweeting. I find this a difficult component of my personality to turn off. Yes I could just follow and be happy but … Continue reading

Reality Check

Over recent weeks I’ve had the unfortunate experience of engaging the services of a personal trainer. Yes I hear you. You feel my pain.Torture isn’t it? Just joking. Yes I am grateful I am able to get the help from such an experienced and motivated person. I do need it though. Three little people and … Continue reading

Whose rules are they anyway?

For the last week I have been continuously exposed to the issue that others have experienced a sense of not being “up to standard” from other people or not comparable to “the norm” but in discussion with these people it was quite clear that it wasnt the person who was feeling this way about the … Continue reading


I got shuzzed up yesterday. Its been over a few months but my long-term shuzz of blonde bliss has transformed to bright exploding red. It took a little convincing in my brain a few months back to transform but it had to happen as I wasnt feeling as light and breezy with the regrowth that … Continue reading

Exciting Times Ahead

Exciting times ahead and what better way to start than on a new moon. Readings I am now offering readings to people through oracle cards (similar to tarot) and working in a holistic capacity to offer you insights into blockages or areas that may be difficult for you to move through at this point in … Continue reading

La Luna

The beautiful bright light that guides us each and every night to the beginning of another day. The Moon. The moon has been historically connected to various aspects of life. From tides and fishing, to mental health, all the way to women, their menstrual cycles and pregnancy and birth. We have even thankfully arrived at … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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