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I got shuzzed up yesterday. Its been over a few months but my long-term shuzz of blonde bliss has transformed to bright exploding red. It took a little convincing in my brain a few months back to transform but it had to happen as I wasnt feeling as light and breezy with the regrowth that was occurring and I wasnt getting to the hairdressers promptly to prevent the sad state my hair was appearing in. So gradually I have ended up brighter and brighter.

What this totally superficial activity over recent months has made me realise is that I can’t go without getting my hair done. As you may have read we had baby number 3 last year. So each pregnancy and child I made sure I was still able to keep up with appointments and fit feeds around same. I even drove home with the dye and foils in my hair from the hairdressers to feed the bambino with LP2, the foils processed whilst feeding and then I returned to have the dye washed out and the ‘do completed. Yes I’m vain. No need to say it under your breath. The problem though by the time the 3rd baby has come along I seriously don’t have time to sit in the chair awaiting processing my bottle blonde hair. It’s not necessarily that the actual little person needs me it’s that everything else is struggling to fit with 3 little people to care for so something has to give.

Now I’m no saint, I’m not someone who has had to sacrifice bucket loads to be a mother but there are some activities and pleasures that have gone by the wayside. For example I noticed the other day that my skin care routine is now absent, the bottles finished and were never replaced. Sure I use the basics if the EGO range counts but the expensive french imported creams and masks…Disappeared. The massages, facials or occasional gel/acrylic set of nails…poof…up into a cloud of smoke. Leisurely weekends away spending money on breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst buying a book here, a top there or a new purse just because….ah did I do that? But seriously even the basics of a milkshake when I want it without being pestered for their own or using the loose change that used to sit freely swimming in my console, or taking a walk each day without any issue or organising – just walking out the door.

Ok so now I’m getting it. But it wasn’t until my non-negotiable had been adjusted and now reviewed to see if it really is necessary. I even questioned yesterday whether I should be doing this colour at home. One, to save money as I could be getting a decent pair of shoes out of this colour and two, least I would be home to do other tasks that needed to be done.

But you see as I said hair is a non-negotiable. Its one 3 hour period every 4-8 weeks that I do absolutely nothing but think about me.  I think I would cut out chocolate before I broke up with my hairdresser.

Whats your non-negotiable? Is there anything you’ve let slide that you would love to prioritise again. Have you been able to keep all that you wanted. Let us in on the secret! If you havent had little people what would be your non-negotiable? Guys, what have you decided or have you actually told your partner is a non-negotiable?


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10 thoughts on “Non-negotiable

  1. A layer is revealed.
    My goodness that was indeed enlightening.
    I too, giver-upper of many different so-called beauty this & fashion that…..once tried the HAIR treatment and care “at home” thing but realized no, cannot..willnot ever do that again.
    My non-negotiable is hair.
    Pity it’s not something like exercise but..I’ll admit to “vanity thy name is woman”
    Thanks..it is very true…we do have another link
    In our friendship chain.. Xxx

    Posted by Denyse | July 4, 2011, 8:02 am
  2. Non- negotiable is my waxing evry 5 weeks-nuff said

    Posted by Nathalie Brown | July 4, 2011, 9:50 am
  3. I struggle to think of anything apart from the car. When I split with my daughter’s mother I left with literally nothing, no bed to sleep on, not even a fork to eat with; I started all over again. But I had my car, a V8 (not a modified wankermobile, just a normal family car with a V8) and as expensive as it is to run, insure & register I can’t part with it. That’s my only real luxury these days, the rest I now know I can go without & am actually happier for it.
    A car might be a bogan answer, but it’s true.

    Posted by Troy | July 4, 2011, 3:32 pm
  4. My hair, my eyebrows. Absolutely non-nogotiable.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

    Posted by Maria Tedeschi | July 4, 2011, 9:06 pm
  5. a haircut i havent had since Sept last year except my occasional snip with the scissors. I colour myself ….and shopping which I love to ndo gee I miss that but u know what i can live without all these as other things r important.

    Posted by Cathy | July 5, 2011, 4:10 pm

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