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New Moon ~ Feed The Soul

You all know how I like feeding the soul. Well its time for you all to find us in one spot. Those in the “bloggy world” and on twitter know of or would have seen the fabulous link ups that go on from flog yo blog friday, to weekend rewind and Im grateful for Here … Continue reading

Do you or don’t you?

Mmm I really couldn’t stand her by the end. She made my life hell. I was not only psychologically affected but medically compromised as well. I could go on but really I don’t want the energy affecting my blog. There was another person…I thought I had grown a bit, matured a bit and coped with … Continue reading

Cycles and Rhythms

Image This one has been popping up every month. I put it aside and then it pops up again. I think to myself but really, do my readers really want to read about this. But having written the post the other day about the universe sending us messages I think my 2-3 sign has been … Continue reading


Sometimes you just need to get out of your own way….This was a statement that was used ad nauseam when I did an experiential course a few years ago. Its true though. If you think about it. Sometimes we like to head-f*#$ issues (excuse the profanity but its the only way that truly describes the … Continue reading

I had a banquet over the weekend

So much food for the soul I am full. I need to digest… These weekends are amazing. Nurturing, empowering, enlightening. Amazing speakers all in one space to share their wealth of knowledge. Each having an area of expertise but in other ways overlapping with others in the field with similar ideas. All having the same … Continue reading

Shhhh….Are you listening

Shhhh…..Quiet your mind. Can you hear it? No? Youre not being quiet enough…. When is the last time you quieted your mind? What did you think about? The grocery shopping, what you were going to watch on television that night, who you had to call or speak to….That chatter – that’s your life’s distractions. What … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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