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Cycles and Rhythms


This one has been popping up every month. I put it aside and then it pops up again. I think to myself but really, do my readers really want to read about this. But having written the post the other day about the universe sending us messages I think my 2-3 sign has been blown well out. Its time to write!

Cycles and rhythms, as Doreen Virtue’s card highlights and professes:

Honour the cycles of your body, energy levels and emotions.

We all have them, women’s are more clear than men’s unless of course you are like StMurphy who is in tune to realise he clearly has his marked too! Go Steve. In society although it isn’t a conversation we have with all, it is appreciated we have these cycles.

But you see I have an issue. For some reason this issue just wont go away and the more it wont go away the more I notice that it is being ignored.

It is something that has long been a bug bear for me, not only with our monthly cycles and menstruation but also in relation to pregnancy and birth. Time out should not be just “recommended” it should be a necessity but also expected. The “norm” as it should be called if that’s what makes it easier to accept the concept.

Over recent months with an increase in exercise (read reality check), being mindful of the food I am consuming and having a fairly consistent schedule with maintaining health and wellbeing my cycles have become a lot more clear and a lot more defined, also given the fact that I’m only breastfeeding once in the evening and I am not pregnant nor have I just given birth, which over recent years have been my baseline.

Therefore with this presentation of regularity have also come patterns and themes. Initially I tried to put it down to every other issue or problem under the sun – not enough sleep, too much exercise, not enough exercise, poor food choices, detoxing of sorts through healthy eating….the list goes on.

But I stopped myself a few months back. It’s not that issue at all. Its my cycle. It’s not that issue at all. I’m allowed to feel this way. It’s not that issue at all. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME. Yes that’s right. You have read correctly.

I am not willing to make excuses anymore. Its not like I’m “out of action” for 3 out of 4 weeks. I’m up and going and full of motivation for 3 out of 4 weeks but 1 week, yes – I feel less energy, I want to sleep a little more, a may be more tearful or may not be, I may crave more chocolate, I may not want to exercise as intensely as usual….the list is wide and varied but there is a common theme – my body needs rest, my mind needs rest, my spirit and my soul, yes they need rest too. Its ME time. Its time out. Its allowing myself to work at 70%.

Historically,Women were known to be most in their feminine power when they bled. They would retreat together during that time to nurture each other, to dream, to rest and to return with new visions for the community. What was once a celebrated and honoured time, role and responsibility became a way to collective and self-loathing. (Herstory -Jane Hardwicke Collings)

I do not want to make this exclusively about women. Yes I have a vested interest in ensuring my fellow sisters are looking after themselves as this is the community teaching our daughters but this is about men too. We all need balance. We all need rest and reflection.

So why do we not allow ourselves this break now, why do we continue to push through “because that’s what is expected”, why do we ignore our signs, symptoms or feelings?

Truly, have you asked yourself? Truly will it make a difference to the world if you do take the time you need? No. I don’t think so

Truly will it make a difference to your world? Hell YES! I know it does to mine. I’m nurturing myself which means I’m giving to me. This will flow back out again. I’m filling my cup not draining it dry with nothing else to give.

Even if they are synthetically determined you still have cycles and rhythms. These systems also can be seen with our food, sleep, exercise, energy and work.

Doreen reflects  – “All of life is cyclical: the moon, the stars, and the very universe. Life inhales and then exhales again.  So why should you be surprised or upset that you too have cycles?  There are times when you feel energised, awake and alive. There are other times when you feel isolated and shy.  Your body, too goes through pronounced cycles and changes. Celebrate these rhythms, and embrace them as the essence of the lifeblood that courses through you.”

Do you take the time out? Have you tuned into your rhythms and cycles? What do you do to nurture yourself. How has it worked in your life when you do acknowledge these? Are there particular cycles you are more willing to nurture yourself for because they are “acceptable” but yet others are ignored? What is stopping society from being softer with ourselves and making time out “normal”?


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Modern Suburban Hippie (minus hallucinogens :) ) Vegetarian. Passionate. Love Laughs. Yoga. Chai Lattes. Crystals. Oracle cards. Goddesses. Angels. Spiritual. Perfume Loving. Intuitive Parenting. Breastfeeding Mama. Sport Loving. Opinionated. Scorpio. Psychologist. I have 3 little people who rock my world.


8 thoughts on “Cycles and Rhythms

  1. Ah ha! You “have” nailed it…thank you, and thanks to Doreen and the peskiness of the universe…ignoring things, they come back, looking for excuses, even when they’ve gone…oh yeah! At 61 I can identify from earlier parts of my life, and moreso lately. It is easier to accept a fate, an excuse, a reason to keep in the “blah blah blahs, I’m older now, I’m still fat, I’m …”
    Then, clarity in the form of a word, a day, a feeling, a touch, a card which keeps turning up if you are using those means, a realisation that
    HEY. This is not OK anymore, as I no longer need those crutches, nor excuses, and I can embrace THIS life, and in THIS lifetime, coz baby, I have no idea of any more……….and just let the universe take me on the path……
    However, this is a baby steps approach for me, and communicating with you, dear PC, and others who “see” life a bit more intuitively, is helping me find that the rhythm of my life now is just that – a rhythm – that doesn’t go flatly along, but has joyous bumps, fast corners, green scenery, and more.
    NOW, I “listen” to my gut and my heart much more than my head…but I am still glad to have the mind too.
    LOVE your work, and you too indeed
    Denyse XX
    PS was THIS a 4 day to write post? Or did it, pardon the pun, flow?

    Posted by Denyse Whelan (@Denwise1) | August 22, 2011, 8:34 am
  2. I read your post this morning. Then I realised I had no idea what my body was doing. Maybe the times I feel so tired have nothing to do with depression, but just with my body cycles. And then I allowed my body to feel tired, I lay down for a while. I notice stomach cramps, for the first time in ages. I tried some gardening. Became soooo exhausted… So now, I give in. Going to have a lie down. I’m tired.

    Posted by Dorothy @ Singular Insanityd | August 22, 2011, 1:39 pm
  3. Oh yeah. I hear you on this one. And no, to be honest I generally push though. And I am going through one of those down turns at the moment. And they’re usually the times I question everything as well. Why am I doing this? Is there a better way of doing this? Why can’t I do this anymore? AAARRRGGHHHH!!!!!

    But what I do everyday is, I don’t know if you can call it meditation in the sense that everyone understands it, but I put my ipod on, with my earphones, lay down close my eyes and get lost in the music. Totally block out the world. So it’s not peaceful meditation but it is my escape.

    Though I do believe our body can give us signals. My diet has been crap the last couple of weeks and yesterday when I was in the supermarket I bought a whole bunch of veggies for last nights dinner. More than I usually use. I could tell my body needed an injection of some healthy food.

    Great post Cath.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

    Posted by Maria Tedeschi (Mum's Word) | August 23, 2011, 9:38 am
  4. Every now and then I go through a few days, at most a week, where my thoughts become “Daddy R is not doing enough.” I get frustrated that he hasn’t washed the dishes, that he has put the tv on for the kids instead of playing with them, that I let him sleep in but he didn’t return the favour. I barely notice all the numerous other things he has does as I am consumed in what he hasn’t done. I start to think things like “he doesn’t say thank you for cleaning the house, why should I say thank you?” In the past I have vented to my mum, who allows the rant and then gently reminds me of what he does do and how wonderful he really is or encourages me to talk to him about it or ask him to do what I feel he isn’t doing. Occasionally it has resulted in an argument. It never lasts long and within a few days I have totally lost the negative feelings and wonder why I was worked up about it in the first place. The last time it happened, in speaking with a close friend and then having some quiet time, I realised that this isn’t about Daddy R at all. It’s about me being tired and needing a break. So, instead of ranting, stewing over things or arguing, I was proactive about looking after myself; I started walking the dogs with my ipod and no kids, I went back to the gym, I organised a sleep in with Daddy R to look after the girls and got some good food into me. Within 24-48 hours I felt better. I took responsibility for how I was feeling, acknowledged where I was at and took steps to change it. I only hope I’ll remember this the next time I hit this part of my cycle!

    Posted by Mama R | August 23, 2011, 8:16 pm

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