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Do you or don’t you?

Mmm I really couldn’t stand her by the end. She made my life hell. I was not only psychologically affected but medically compromised as well. I could go on but really I don’t want the energy affecting my blog.

There was another person…I thought I had grown a bit, matured a bit and coped with difficulties better. She got me angry, irritated and really pressed my integrity button. But again I’m not going to go into specifics.

The other week whilst attending my soul food weekend I was speaking to another one of the volunteers. We got talking about courses I had completed, mainly in the “new age, metaphysical” arena. One of the courses we spoke of she was keen to complete. She spoke of knowing another person holding the classes I was qualified to teach and was planning to undertake the teaching course too.

I found the course amazing. Life changing. Full of many a-ha moments as the cliche` goes but honestly there was true, honest and raw reflections and I came back a better person having completed the course. The course was not the problem. The facilitator was not the problem either at that point in time. The issues started to occur when the months unfolded.

I deviated, having this conversation really had me thinking and it was as though I was out of my body watching myself have the conversation with the other person. I could see the words coming out of my mouth, I could even feel myself attempting to limit the information I provided but still get my point across about my experience of the situation.

I really felt like I was standing balancing on a see-saw in the middle, gently trying to keep my grip on maintaining the balance with a leg on either side of the ramp.

Honesty is important to me, Integrity is important to me, and standing up for my truth and not with-holding information is in every grain of my being. Basically I have to bite my tongue to stop it from speaking words sometimes =) (joking! that doesn’t even work)

Early on I would have had no hesitation whatsoever in speaking my mind and saying exactly what I thought about the situation and how the situation and that person affected me and my life. But this time was different. I’m actually starting to be very mindful of my spoken word. I’ve had it in one other earlier instance too. Although that time I said my piece but then added “but your experience may be different”. This time I’m not into bad mouthing people anymore. It just doesn’t sit right no matter what the experience I have had. That’s my experience and what right do I have to taint that persons view before they have had their own experience.

So I was presented with to-ing and fro-ing in this dilemma all the while the conversation continued – yes my brain was on the verge of exploding!

I still don’t know what the best way to approach this type of situation is.

Have you had it happen before? What did you do? Do you have to tell someone else about the person or your experience or do you keep it quiet?

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4 thoughts on “Do you or don’t you?

  1. That is a really tricky question. The main arena I have experienced this is when talking with other parents about teachers. And then it depends. Obviously if I have loved a teacher there is no issue. On our first day of the school year this week I ran into one of the only Aussie mum’s at and on finding out the teacher her son had I made the decision to bite my tongue hard. Because giving her the negative information I had was not going to be helpful to her at all, there was nothing she could do about the fact that her son had this teacher, and her experience will hopefully be completely different with a different child. BUT, if I had spoken to her a few months ago and she had asked me explicitly for my advice so she could advocate/request a teacher then I would have told her of my experience. With the qualification that this was just my experience and perhaps also suggest that she ask around a bit more because perhaps there were many others who had a different view.
    I am not sure what I would have done in your situation but saying nothing probably was the right thing to do. You took the high road and that is a hard thing to do.

    Posted by Michelle Higgins | August 29, 2011, 12:48 am
    • True about teachers. Ive only just begun this journey so thankfully havent been put into that position but you are so right with what is the best way to approach it. Particularly for any situation when asked directly. Its hard not to avoid. I think thats the best point to say “in my opinion” Thanks for the contribution xx

      Posted by Precocious Lotus | September 1, 2011, 12:52 am
  2. Don’t you ask the soul-searching questions…as I eat breakkie at the keyboard with grandkids watching Dora (oh thank you for something on TV that Mr almost 4 and Miss almost 2 love)…..
    I get this fence sitting, or pole straddling, foot in both camps..or…well. I get what you mean.

    EVERYone sees the world, and even the exact same situation a different way based on their life experiences, their personality, the persona…yada yada

    People in my life who drain me, or suck the life force out of a convo are eventually ‘dropped’ via just not responding – if its on-line. But, to be honest with most people I interact with these days I do so because I CHOOSE to…in my world as a teacher/principal, there were so many times I’d be thinking (as I was talking to someone or taking in their convo) “oh please, finish, and let me leave”

    So, I am more choosy but letting somethings go, more cruisy…. “hey, that’s the way”
    Love your soul searches…
    Denyse XX

    Posted by Denyse Whelan (@Denwise1) | August 29, 2011, 9:25 am

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