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Organising the new moon blog link up today and I thought to myself. This is just normal and natural for me now. These types of topics and subjects don’t even raise an eyebrow anymore. If someone mentions something to me about a subject being holistic or new age my response in my mind is usually “have I heard about this?” if not “let’s go and research”.

No I’m not addicted to this area and having to try everything its more that information and knowledge is important. The more I have the better it is for me.

Do I think everything works? To varying degrees. Are all “new age” treatments, subjects, theories for everyone? No, they are not. Just like different colours suit different people or different perfumes and scents compliment people, so to do complementary therapies and concepts.

Whatever works for each individual is important. Just because I don’t find it helpful, doesn’t mean that it is not.

I cant wait to connect with people on these topics. You don’t have to be fully immersed in the “new age” to link up a post. As long as it relates we are on the same page.

As the saying goes “The more I learn, the less I know” This is what keeps my firing burning inside. People take me as I am or can go along their merry way.

This is me and my very essence.

Ive linked this up to Feed The Soul Blog Link Up would love for you to join me



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