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That celebration on the 31st of October

My mum absolutely hated Halloween when we were growing up. Although it wasnt as saturated as it is now she still disliked people coming to our door or seeing them walk the streets dressed in their costumes. As you do with many belief systems I just followed suit. No disrespect to any american friends or … Continue reading

Grounding Spirit

Take your power Walk your talk Seek your truth and Be your Journey Minmia I have a very special gift waiting for me to get myself organised. I am lucky. This special gift is being kept safe for me at my parents house albeit much to the disgust of my brother. What is so special … Continue reading

Cuts to Medicare Psychology Sessions, please Mr Butler are you serious?

A spokeswoman for Mr Butler said: ”The changes to the program are based on solid data and independent expert advice which shows two key things – that the program is failing hard-to-reach groups and that of the people accessing the program, over 90 per cent of them are not utilising all their sessions.” ** If … Continue reading

The Best Of You?

“Is someone getting the best, the best of you?” Life goes along swimmingly and then you are presented with a life truth. It makes you question whether your beliefs are valid. Whether they make sense. Those beliefs, they fit into your turning world but how they can fit into someone elses when the universe deals … Continue reading

There’s A Hole In The Bucket Dear Liza

Mama R is posting again for me today. She wears another hat other than that of her Mama Hat. Currently its hanging on the hat stand with mine =) Mama R is also a psychologist and I am grateful she shares her knowledge and techniques with us today. Mental illness. We all think, or hope, … Continue reading

Holistic Care In Psychiatry

If you have read this blog for a while you may have noticed that I have lots of philosophies and theories on how our bodies and minds work. Sometimes these are not in line with traditional psychology. For my day to day living and for those dealing with the normal ups and downs of life … Continue reading

The Disease Everyone Forgets

Today I am so very honoured to have a guest on my blog. Twitter introduced us and psychology connected us. As I mentioned I work with most age groups. The only group I do not have any idea about working with and fortunately my guest does is aged care, specifically dementia. Yes thankfully the writer … Continue reading

What Can I Do? Strategies for improving mental health and wellbeing

Whilst working with  clients and their presenting issues a lot of similar themes arose. In addition when people are diagnosed with a particular illness then there is a cluster of similar symptoms. Today I thought it helpful to put forward those major presenting problems and what was and is normally recommended as treatment and more … Continue reading

Men and Mental Health

When working in mental health you begin to find an area, diagnosis or type of people you like to work with. Not that I don’t like other areas of mental health but you get a soft spot and a real connection. One of those areas that I really found rewarding to work with and had … Continue reading

Mental Health Week: 9th October~15th October

This week is mental health week. I am hoping the more this is spoken about the less taboo the subject is and the more awareness everyone has. Its time to use my blog as a voice for those who don’t use the internet and experience such debilitating symptoms from their mental illness. It’s also time … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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