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Mental Health Week: 9th October~15th October

This week is mental health week. I am hoping the more this is spoken about the less taboo the subject is and the more awareness everyone has.

Its time to use my blog as a voice for those who don’t use the internet and experience such debilitating symptoms from their mental illness. It’s also time to provide a place for all people who are passionate about mental health and/or who have experienced their own difficulties with mental illness to feel supported but also to connect with others going through the same experience.

Personally, I am a psychologist. I’m not into listing all that I’ve done but to ensure you of my capabilities I have over 12 years experience working in mental health. Mostly in psychiatric settings within hospitals and their outpatient services or more recently in private practice. Although I have had experience and contact within the education and employment sectors briefly.

I have worked with babies and their parents right through from children and adolescents to adults. I have worked with people who have encountered most disorders.

I am passionate about keeping my own mental health and wellbeing. Thankfully I am a fairly optimistic person and this helps life greatly. I have had a mild experience of panic attacks and anxiety whilst I was in my 3rd year of university, looking back it all related to future job prospects and further study.

Sometimes I feel I need to catch myself in relation to psychological information, strategies and intervention. I don’t like to write too many posts or share too much of my professional opinion as I don’t want to appear that I am forcing information down people’s throats. I feel that most people know information I would share as its fairly logical. Most psychology is logical. I also believe that people have their own answers within them and I help to guide that during a session. Therefore a blog post giving tips or information at times appears condescending when I would never have that intention.

This week though I am going back to basics and giving tips and information in case there is something you or a family member may not have thought about.

Now that I’ve explained a little about myself, Back to mental health week. This week is important to knock down the stereotypes, the stigma and the taboo. I will talk about mental health and wellbeing until I lose my voice, this will take a long time I assure you.

For this week I am providing a blog link up / blog hop for any blogger to link up and share ANY post that relates to mental health, mental illness and mental wellbeing. (see below) The link is open the whole week and will close on Saturday night.

For those who don’t have a blog put a mental health status on your facebook account or tweet about it on twitter. The more people know that its ok to talk about this the better.

Most of us have been touched by mental illness in some way I am sure of it. People may not call it that but they have. Either personally or a family member or friend and to varying degrees. Let us be proactive and be the change we want to see in the world as Gandhi implores.

Me: I’ll be in your face about mental illness and mental health 365 days of the year but this week I’m talking with a megaphone.

World Mental Health Day: MONDAY 10TH OCTOBER, 2011

2 other lovely bloggers who I know are blogging about mental health this week are:

Denyse Whelan

Tutu Ames

As always I recommend visiting Madam Bipolar

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3 thoughts on “Mental Health Week: 9th October~15th October

  1. Thanks for your efforts in supporting Mental Health week. I do follow Madam Bipolar but do not have a blog and have trouble with GFC so my posts don’t work for me on her blog, I admire her speaking out.

    You hit the nail on the head the taboo needs to be dispelled, I have bi-polar 2 and cared for my son until he reached 30 with schizophrenia. Not so long ago a nurse tell me never to tell anyone that I suffered from bi-polar as even in the medical profession there are those that look down on us. I have personally met a great number of caring professions that I repect that help to empower their patients, this is the secret, personal empowerment. Most people with mental illness are very talented and it is their talents that need to be nurtured to empower them.

    I have found facebook can be quite toxic to my mental health and even a friend posting a joke about patients in a psychiatric institution and another dozen women making comments and having a laugh about it. They just don’t get it the awful tragedy is that more than likely within the next 5-10 years one of them will have a teenager with anorexia, schizophrenia, bi-polar or even be a suicide victim. It is extremely sad. So who has the lack of insight, them who are classed as normal or me with my bi-polar.

    And what is so ridiculous is that the term lack of insight gets spoken about so much, I had to wait 13 years for the mental health department to gain the insight I had about my son’s condition. When they finally worked him out they said to me that they were glad I was on the same page and I felt like saying I have been on this page for 13 years just waiting for you guys to find it.

    In Western Australia we are lucky to have to Carers Recognition Act that was passed through parliament but old habits are slow to change.

    Posted by Tracy Boulter | October 10, 2011, 12:16 am
  2. Getting help to help you know within what to do is really critical. It makes a huge difference to overall mental health for people, well so I have learned from my experience. Thanks for organising the linky too.

    Posted by My Big Nutshell | October 10, 2011, 6:13 pm
  3. It’s so important to speak out throughout the year. But even just a day, a week, a month maybe gets it across to people who may have been unaware. And you’re right, as time goes on there are going to be more mental health issues out there and the easier it is to speak out and ask and receive help, the better!

    Posted by maidinaustralia | October 10, 2011, 8:15 pm

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