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I have a very special gift waiting for me to get myself organised.
I am lucky. This special gift is being kept safe for me at my parents house albeit much to the disgust of my brother.
What is so special to me yet nearly makes my brother vomit knowing that it is in the spare fridge?
My baby girl’s placenta. Yes that’s right. (I know it’s not on some people’s radars to do) Suffice to say it was on mine last year and something I was very insistent about. Just ask the Mr and My Mama. That was his role and it was her role to check that he had remembered.

In many cultures the placenta is sacred and acknowledged as such. Unfortunately in Western Society the traditions are not followed and many who do observe them are looked at as weird among other words.

Most sentiments are grounded in the belief that having the placenta buried reconnects the spirit of the baby to the earth. Grounding it in its current life, in aboriginal cultural connecting it to its song lines and totem animal spirit and assisting the true essence of the soul to flourish.

I was planning to keep Miss 1’s placenta before I knew that she was having medical issues. Having that happen reinforces my decision further.

I have tried to bury before now and certain dates that I felt were significant but it just wasn’t working out. The date is looming and I know its right. I only have a few weeks to prepare. I’m sure if you remember I am a numbers girl. So there is a magical number coming up =)

Interestingly whilst I was researching this I contacted Minmia whose book I purchased early on in Miss 1’s pregnancy about planting the placenta in with a potted plant. She respectfully questioned why I would do such when the process was about grounding ones spirit. It is not supposed to be moved.

Although I would love Miss 1’s plant to go with her to remind her of her journey, the ceremony and ritual is to ensure she connects with the earth and ground where she was first born (obviously I’m not going to go and plant it within the hospitals grounds) so home is where her placenta must be planted

So I need your help my beautiful blog visitors.

I have had plants go in and out of my mind and I would not normally ask others to help me as I am usually guided correctly by my intuition but you see my intuition guided me to the Fig Tree or Banyan Tree.

After looking into it further it was found to be the Bodhi tree which I love the significance of as this is the tree of enlightenment that Buddha sat under.

The problem with this tree is that it has long, strong root systems that can ultimately affect pipes. This is a problem for our small suburban home.

What tree, flower or plant should I use to symbolise the blessing and bury the placenta beneath?

You can also encapsulate the placenta and use as a homeopathic remedy for you and the baby. I just can’t get past the fact that its like meat and being vego and all it just doesn’t sit with me. Although I do believe there are therapeutic benefits. Dear Baby G spoke about this last week. Another  woman who I admire for her work is Jane Hardwicke Collings

** Unable to find the original source but I love this picture from Google

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5 thoughts on “Grounding Spirit

  1. I wish I could give advice, but I don’t know enough about the subject. However, I also like the idea and significance of burying the placenta, and at least if you plant it in a pot you can always take it with you wherever you go as well. I hope you find the right plant/tree for the placenta. Looking forward to hearing what you decide to do.

    Posted by Maid In Australia | October 27, 2011, 9:06 am
  2. I have that Minmia quote written in significant places to remind me about staying connected…am very proud of you that you rose above our cultural traditions and atttitudes to follow through on something that was so important to you for your daughter. My instinct was the Fig Tree before I read that you had thought that also. I once lived on a magical property in the mountains and there was a fig tree in the front garden…it was majestic, every season…it really embodied the life it is supposed to represent…needless to say it lit up the garden every season…it was magical to behold and to me – that is the essence of your daughter’s spirit. She takes your breath away, brings you completely into the present moment and makes you feel glad to be alive…And the figs make beautiful sorbet!!x

    Posted by Em | October 27, 2011, 9:26 am
  3. This is such a beautiful sentiment and I had planned on doing the same before I chose placenta encapsulation. I adore the Bodhi tree and I have been to Sarnath in India and sat under a beautiful Bodhi tree where Buddha was said to have delivered his first sermon. I do like Em’s suggestion of a Fig tree! my other suggestion would be a Boab tree. I know when this day comes it will be so special & emotional for you xx

    Posted by Sarah @dearbabyg | October 27, 2011, 9:57 am
  4. I like Em’s idea of a fruit tree, and also like the idea of a potted tree that will always be with you and Miss 1. My Lemon tree has been in a pot for two years and is doing very well. When it’s too cold I can bring it inside and when it’s too hot I can put it in the shade. Just a thought, would love to know what you decide.

    Posted by cordannao | October 27, 2011, 11:25 am


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