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Learn to fly

Yeah, I’m lookin’ to the sky to save me Lookin’ for a sign of life Lookin’ for something to help me burn out bright I’m lookin’ for a complication Lookin’ ‘cause I’m tired of lyin’ Make my way back home when I learn to fly high Yes im sorry it’s another time I’m quoting Foo … Continue reading

So would I be out of line, if I said I missed you?

“…Nice run on the beach”….. Just a small part of a tweet and it took me back. Plenty of people talk about the beach all the time but it was the context of the tweet that got me and made me remember and ultimately, made me miss. After a long day at work, the beach … Continue reading


You may or may not be fussed with this. That’s ok. We all get excited about different things. For me, this is something that I have been conscious of for quite some time. I like all dates that have the same number. I was first aware of being drawn to them back in ’88. Yes … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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