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So would I be out of line, if I said I missed you?

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“…Nice run on the beach”…..

Just a small part of a tweet and it took me back. Plenty of people talk about the beach all the time but it was the context of the tweet that got me and made me remember and ultimately, made me miss.

After a long day at work, the beach was my refuge. I moved to coastal country Victoria for over 5 years. A couple of towns, but both with the calm and peace of beautiful Victorian coastline. Yes Queenslander’s I know not the same as your beaches. But they are all I know. I still think they are amazing.

I’m a city girl, yes suburban but the city is only a small drive away. I missed it while I was down the coast but I ended up making meaningful habits and routines whilst I lived there. Full of comfort. The issue that the tweet activated was that I truly miss those aspects that provided me with comfort on those long, draining, isolating days. I would even say I actually miss those aspects more now than what I actually missed the city aspects whilst living so far away.

After finishing work I used to pull the exercise gear on and head down to the foreshore. When first living there it was a little hike, a few kilometres then after a year or so I moved into the town centre and only 50 metres from the main beach. Again when I moved towns I would’ve only been a couple of kilometres away, a short brisk walk and I was on the promenade. Oh thinking of the smell, the view right now takes me back……

I’m sure some of the people in these towns got to know my routine. They would see me walking all hours but fairly similar routes. Another routine, which many of the locals also had was attending the local health food store. It made and still makes the worlds best (no jokes) flatbread wraps full of salad, spreads and tasty lentil burger, falafels and spinach and rice burgers. The milkshakes weren’t too bad either a few stores down and around the corner.

I also miss my slice of cake from a local restaurant. This wasnt an every day occurence. It was only on those horrible, can not cope days, man did that thick slice of homemade cake hit the spot.

I actually miss my early morning drives back to where I was living. Instead of returning to my little lonely place on a sunday night I would leave at 4.30am on Monday and drive with the sun. No one on the roads, the sun chasing the car and me and my music. I admit some drives back were horrible and tears poured down my cheeks. I didn’t want to be there. But other times the music made some memories and my thoughts kept me company.

I miss the theatre group that I was in, some beautiful friendships and memories made. This distracted me fabulously. I was twiddling my thumbs for a while, the short netball games just weren’t enough and well, if you’ve lived in a country town…..you will know the night life is non-existent. So I loved spending my nights rehearsing and developing new friends and finally getting to know some locals. Although I must say once a blow-in, always a blow-in.

I miss Thursday night pub night. Playing pool. I was the only non-drinker, unless someone was on call but that doesn’t count. I was probably the loudest too. But it was a great night. Creeping home anywhere between 12 and 2am on a “school night” I’m surprised my clients didn’t catch me falling asleep during sessions.

I could keep on remembering; my Saturday paper routine, lunchtime walks, informal debriefs with colleagues and birthday celebrations, so many misses and memories.

What I think makes these all so special is that I lived in my home town for years and didn’t develop these types of memories.

I think being pushed out of my comfort zone really made the difference. We are creatures of habit and anything that makes us feel good of course we are going to keep doing it. Particularly if we need something meaningful to latch onto.

I always wonder though whether if I went back and tried to embrace my old habits and comforts whether they would feel just as good. Whether life would be the same…….

Is there something special you miss about a place you lived or a place you used to visit?

** The Title is a line in the Incubus Song “I miss you”


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7 thoughts on “So would I be out of line, if I said I missed you?

  1. Hmm, very interesting, I’ve just moved back to the place I miss, and it’s the same bit different. It feels so comfortable yet things have changed, everywhere I go there is a memory. I am a different person, yet the same. It’s like my 4 years in the city were a time warp or a dream…it’s so natural to be back, yet it will take time to create a life here again, with new friends and a new job and different perspectives. Thanks for writing this, I loved it!

    Posted by Sarah | November 17, 2011, 7:00 pm
  2. When I lived on the beach, I’d walk on the beach practically every day. It was my thinking time, my me time, my time to be mindful. Often I’d write stories in my head. I’d enjoy being in nature. I miss it every day. Walking around the surburban streets is not the same …

    Posted by Maid In Australia | November 17, 2011, 8:27 pm
  3. I have such a strong yearning to move to a coastal town. One day 🙂

    Posted by Jayne @ Non Domestik Goddess | November 18, 2011, 12:07 am
  4. I don’t know from any experience what you’re talking about, but I miss it in a different way because I’ve never had it. I would dearly, more than anything else love to have a bolt-hole to run to for an entire weekend or week-long stay, that is not entirely engulfed by people and their noise. I only *wish* I knew what that was like.

    Lovely, evocative post. xx

    Posted by Twitchy | November 18, 2011, 2:56 pm
  5. I saved this up to read when I had more time, and tonight is that time.
    Your memories are powerful reminders of times of emotional extremes, and as younger people I think that they do help us to grow (up?).
    My upbringing was city-based – Sydney and Wollongong- both coastal spots, and beach was very much a part of my life.
    My first move from home was to a NSW country town, on the eastern side of the Great Dividing Range. Teachers in a country town are “blow ins” and we too joined every social thing event possible.
    But I missed the beach. I missed being able to be anonymous too.
    Impossible in a small town. Everyone knows what you are doing, who you are with, and more.
    So, being back to anonymity in the city after 8 years suited my needs, and that of our relationship and kids…no-one “knew what we did 24/7” unless we chose to share.
    Let me add, though, at times we have longed for the wider open spaces and places..
    There is a saying “you can never go back” not sure if Id want to try.
    Love this post, C XX

    Posted by Denyse Whelan (@Denwise1) | November 18, 2011, 6:24 pm


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