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Learn to fly

Yeah, I’m lookin’ to the sky to save me
Lookin’ for a sign of life
Lookin’ for something to help me burn out bright
I’m lookin’ for a complication
Lookin’ ‘cause I’m tired of lyin’
Make my way back home when I learn to fly high

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Yes im sorry it’s another time I’m quoting Foo Fighters lyrics. Lately they have been my go to. No idea why they have surfaced again but that’s okay.

This week is a New Moon week. On Friday 25th November 4.11pm (EST add one hour if you have daylight saving). Other new moons you may have noticed I speak of thinking about what you want and what you would like to achieve and focusing on this at the particular time of the new moon.

Having listened to those lyrics above whilst running last night I reflected on this coming new moon energy. This is what the new moon is about in essence.

Looking to the sky, past the limits and boundaries and really asking for and putting intention out there for what you want. It’s also about tuning in, looking to the signs and what you are pulled and drawn to.

We need to do this to burn bright as Dave Grohl sings which reinforces my favourite verse by Marianne Williamson “Let Your Light Shine”.

What really resonates with me for this week but for always, is the revelation “Lookin’ ‘cause I’m tired of lyin’. Make my way back home when I learn to fly high”

My interpretation: We must be true to self. If not, we are basically lying to ourselves. How many of us put the game face on, the I’m alright face, the I’m sure this will get better if only I just look at the situation differently although I’ve looked at it the same way 50 billion times, okay maybe a slight exaggeration but you get what I mean. As soon as we stop lying, start listening to our own truth, we can make our way back home to the truth and the answers that lie perfectly within.

Me, I’m using this week to aim high, I want to fly. Friday wont just be the beginning of my wish it will be the exclamation mark on a week of focus.

As is usual focus for the new moon, what do you want to bring into your life, what do you want to achieve. Basically what makes you happy. Allow it. Dont push it down any longer. New moon wish ritual is here.

Blessings for a beautiful week of intention for manifestation of your ultimate dreams. Your truth. Fulfilling your souls journey.

Being a new moon and all its link up time: Feed The Soul blog hop. Would love you to link up. Heres the explanation

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As always Yasmin Boland has written some important words about the coming new moon and as Home of the Heart (@YogaJG) highlighted its mercury retrograde too providing this useful link Thank you!


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