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2011 on to 2012

I have been listening to this song on repeat often over recent weeks. The words speak volumes and resonate with me. The Words Are Below: “Return To Innocence” That’s not the beginning of the end That’s the return to yourself The return to innocence Love – Devotion Feeling – Emotion Love – Devotion Feeling – … Continue reading

When are you home?

Mama R is back on the blog today. I love this post. It talks about the true essence of energy but also about the importance of memory making. Enjoy What makes a house a home? This question has been in my mind over the past few months as my young family and I made the … Continue reading

Fear and Competition

I’ve had a couple of themes come up of late in and surrounding me. Interestingly when an idea or theme arrives in my mind to ponder it also reflected by those around me as usual and that’s when I know I need to give it more thought. Not that these recent themes are encompassing my … Continue reading

In between

So the full moon has come and gone and the new moon is still a few more days away. Shall we just wait and pass the time away? No way! This period of time is very important. This time is just as important as the time and moment of the day you speak and announce … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

I can only affect my tiny small patch of space in this almighty universe. But that’s ok. That’s what is important to me and my connections. Hopefully by cultivating, nourishing and cherishing this small patch it will have a ripple effect as they say and ultimately it will affect more. As many of you know … Continue reading

December The Energy Vampire

Last night I tweeted: I think December is an energy vampire. People need a daily “calm down” pill before they even start the day #mindfulness I thought about it a bit. Initially the thought was coming at my frustration to not sit and commit to writing a blog post but I have had this undercurrent … Continue reading

Long Standing Roots and Branches

Bits and pieces are going on in my mind at the moment. As a private person it’s not particularly bloggable but what I thought I could do is share at least one of the insights I have been able to uncover. More may be able to be shared in the future but I haven’t got … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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