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December The Energy Vampire

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Last night I tweeted:

I think December is an energy vampire. People need a daily “calm down” pill before they even start the day #mindfulness

I thought about it a bit. Initially the thought was coming at my frustration to not sit and commit to writing a blog post but I have had this undercurrent of a feeling for a few weeks now. Probably since the Christmas advertising went into full swing.

Come to think of it this advertising is also not helping the vampire energy feel. It gets people in hyper alert states unnecessarily.

This leads onto my point. People feel the need to go go go in December. Christmas is basically shoved down our throats, school and extra-curricular activities want to highlight there has been progress made over the past 12 months therefore concert, after performance, after speech/awards night is ongoing. Add onto this people’s strange desire to have to meet up prior to Christmas yet they haven’t seen one another for most of the year and finally the exhaustion of everyone hanging out for a holiday or short break over the festive season after another round of 12 months filled with ups and downs, challenges and success.

Finally on top of this people’s energy feeds off one another. You can’t tell me if you have that one little energised stressed bunny of a person in a room with you that you wouldn’t eventually absorb some of that vibe? Put all of us in the mix and people are pinging off one another.

Seriously, let’s calm down. [you know what word I wanted to add in here 😉 ]

So why do we have to rush around? Why do we have join in this level of vibration. Yes it can be busy but the attitude or energy we take with us or put on like a piece of clothing at the start of the day can greatly affect the outcome and ultimately the population.

I challenge you to take that chill pill. I know I’m planning to. I don’t know what’s different about this year but I refuse to lay down to the demands of a vampire month.

I know numerous people talk about facets of that which I’ve spoken about. It’s not new but I think the perception may be a little different.

Energy Vampires need boundaries. That’s what my December has. It’s the festive season but you know what. I can still say no or how about another time.

I’ll attend the functions, but along with my make up I’m not putting on the sense of urgency people think is required.

I’ll do the presents and whatever else pops up as part of December.

But I may not see everyone, it may be the thought that counts and may just be that each day I either start or finish with a gift to myself.

Time out. Peace. Mindfulness.

How much is December going to drain from you? Will you let it?

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3 thoughts on “December The Energy Vampire

  1. Love this… And SO true!! I have also been watching how crazy some people are getting in December already and I refuse to be a part of it. Yes.. I’m doing the gift giving and the ocassional catch up too but I’m not going to run myself ragged just to please others and their perceptions of what is expected of us.
    Shopping almost complete, and it was done very calmly.. I’ve allowed myself time to just ‘be’… And I feel very calm 🙂

    Posted by Belinda Aquilina | December 6, 2011, 9:48 am
  2. December has already fanged me. I’m fanged. xx

    Posted by Twitchy | December 7, 2011, 1:05 am


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