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In between

So the full moon has come and gone and the new moon is still a few more days away. Shall we just wait and pass the time away?

No way! This period of time is very important. This time is just as important as the time and moment of the day you speak and announce your new moon wishes.

The next few days are important to cultivate, prepare and lay down the ground work for those wishes that you want to put into place.

Rather than leaving to the last minute and formulating on the day and even rushing what you want to plan. It may be best to start using these 2 weeks between the full moon and the new moon to set out your intentions. Clearly.

As many have used before me as an analogy it is like preparing the soil for planting. To ensure a plant thrives much goes into cultivating the soil. Working it, adding nutrients, softening and watering to establish ripe planting conditions for those seeds that will ultimately bear fruit of our dreams, goals and wishes.

So what can we do during this time.
Paper, pen, computers, note taking apps, anything that is at the ready to jot down, make notes or elaborate further on our dreams, wishes and goals.

Write. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense at this point in time. Ideas are just that. Over the coming days they will formulate in your mind a lot more clearly.
This clarity will come either through you thinking about your goals a bit more or actually noticing signs in your world. So what makes a sign an actual sign? Something that is relevant to you and the situation that you  know it definitely relates. Or it could be a sign specific to the situation you are asking about or putting down as your goal that if it arrives and you have seen it, then it’s definitely an affirmation of your goals.

Of late my signs have changed. They have become specific to the situation. How do I know that it is relevant?  The signs are definitely descriptive factors for the experience, situation or person. Or as Ive said before my usual signs are rainbows (which I wrote about on another blog I haven’t continued with). In each situation you can get either/or or sometimes both.

To gain or tap into the insight you want to put down on paper or those goals you dare to dream you just don’t know where to start – have some quiet time. Do meditation and see what arises, spend time in solitude: thinking in the shower, grounding yourself outside in the peace and quiet or doing some actual gardening. Even exercising. Doing so can “jog” your memory and put the priorities in the fore front of your mind.

It’s also a great time to collate a Vision board. Putting it all down on paper is affirming to the universe this is what you want. This is what you are consciously and sub consciously thinking about. It’s up to you if you want to use the same board for the whole 12 months and add to it or whether you make a new one each month. Evaluate at full moon and then only take forward into the next new moon what you want to.  With the new addition of Pinterest to our social media collection it is changing the face of vision boards. Personally I’ve found my boards to be eerily accurate on looking back over recent days. I can only imagine if we are more conscious about what we are putting on these boards what we can achieve.

To enhance this nurturing of those seeds I have used red candles before, some tigers eye and clear quartz crystals and some peppermint for focus.

You’ll find once you do the task often enough you will adopt your own routine of what works and doesn’t work for you. As you are all aware I love ceremony. Adopting and developing your own makes it all the more special.

Unfortunately I want to address that some people can be misguided and have misunderstandings about these types of processes that I speak about. What is important: Just because you have asked for something doesn’t mean it is delivered straight away. Some things are, yes. But asking for “A” to happen and expecting it to be done so within half an hour is unreasonable. Some tasks, goals and aims obviously take longer to cultivate. To grow. As is normal goal setting and aims.

Blessings for this period of time. Dream big. No one else can do it for you.

New Moon is Sunday 25th December at 4.08am (5.08am Daylight Saving Time) A great Christmas Present to give yourself. (The New Moon Post for further reference is here: La Luna

Create. Cultivate. Nourish

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4 thoughts on “In between

  1. why am i just now finding you, i want to ask, though i know good and well i am finding you now because the time is right. a longtime moon lover, i am just delving in to learn about how to live in the moon, how to live in moon ways. there is so much here that i can already tell i love. it’s time to put my shingles-laden body to bed now, but i’ll be back. oh you better believe it – i’ll be back.

    Posted by wholly jeanne | December 19, 2011, 2:29 pm


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