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When are you home?

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Mama R is back on the blog today. I love this post. It talks about the true essence of energy but also about the importance of memory making. Enjoy

What makes a house a home? This question has been in my mind over the past few months as my young family and I made the move from our old house to our new one. What is it that makes you feel you are coming home? The walls, the furniture, the memories, the photos or the people there? Perhaps a combination of all of these.

Our old house was a Victorian miner’s cottage. A relatively small weather board house built in 1906, with cottage garden and picket fence. We had renovated a lot of it (although far from finished) and slowly put our own mark on it. However, with our growing family, decreasing tolerance in the ageing quirks of the house and wish to live in a quieter area on a bigger block, we decided to build our own home.

Whilst packing up our belongings in our house, memories floated around my mind. Moving in, coming home from our honeymoon, knocking old walls down, parties, bringing my two baby girls home from hospital for the first time, delivering my second baby with my husband in our bedroom, our eldest daughter learning to crawl, walk and talk, visits from my grandmother and father in law who are no longer with us. So many wonderful memories. As our belongings slowly disappeared into boxes, our photos came off the walls and our furniture got packed onto the trailer, these memories were the last thing left. And as we stood for a last family photo in front of that dear little house and drove away, the memories came with us; leaving a new family to make their new memories.

Now we are in our new house and it really is our dream house. It is beautiful and I feel so lucky. But I was surprised at how long it has taken to really feel like home. A major thing seemed to be the photos. Once they were up on the walls it felt more like home. It’s a new house, a blank canvas for us to make our mark on with our lives. It seems the more we live in it, the more it feels like home. Already we have such wonderful memories; family visits, Little Girl #2 learning to crawl, our first Christmas here, and lots of beautiful moments with our girls. This house is where I want to grow old. It has a good vibe and energy. I look out at big gum trees every morning and smile. Our families live an hour away, but now the drive home to our house no longer feels as tiring because I really feel like we’re coming home. It is a place filled with hope and so much love and this is warming it up for me.

As my mum said, our old house was a lovely little home with wonderful memories, but now it’s time to make new memories and start a new chapter in our lives. It will always hold a place in my heart as our first family home but our memories are in our hearts and our home is where we are together.

How have you found moving house? Has it been more emotional than you thought? What makes your house your home?

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One thought on “When are you home?

  1. You had so many life experiences there, it makes me wonder what other stories that old house witnessed over the past hundred years! I’m sure anywhere you live will continue to be as warm & exciting with you living there!
    I love this post because it reminds me to enjoy & just BE with my family. We often take it for granted, but we have a beautiful home that is always evolving with us. The longer we stay the more I love it. 7 years in, we seem to constantly have a project or change happening. It’s never as clean or tidy as I would like. But the people & experiences & the love make it my home.
    Thanks for this post. Timely reflection of all I have to be grateful for xxx

    Posted by Liss | December 31, 2011, 12:27 pm

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