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Exercise and Mental Health

I’m feeling really good today. After a few days, I could even say weeks, of being a bit flat my mood has improved. I can specifically say I know exactly what has affected my mood. In a good way. Today I had a really good workout. Yep. The gym. Those endorphins were pumping through my … Continue reading

Animal Messengers

Whilst I was away last week I decided to take advantage of the lovely beach side town that I used to call home and spent my exercise time hitting the pavement rather than the treadmill. It’s a much nicer view and I honestly miss it. During my walks most nights I had magpies intercept my … Continue reading

To Serve

Many in the spiritual, metaphysical circles prior to the new year had been speaking of focusing on a word for 2012. A word that they could target and use to cultivate ideas and behaviour for the 12 months of 2012 and to act on with intention. I had actually pondered this also, particularly when I … Continue reading

The Sacred Garden

I just had an aha moment whilst I was procrastinating drawing oracle cards and fluffing about as usual which I do when I am avoiding doing something which is more of a priority. This time it seems there is benefit from my actions. If I had my way I’d say there was benefit in my … Continue reading

Your Story

I was looking over at my old blog for some information and saw a couple of old posts that I liked and thought I could bring them over here. Im sorry if you have read them before but it has been a few years and maybe you have a different perspective and response to them … Continue reading

Always learning.

Mama R has been whipping out the blog posts for me. You may have to slow down lovely as I’ll have to put you on the payroll 😉 In this beautiful post Mama R reflects and realises the journey of a year and all its worth. Thank you beautiful. Wishing you a wonderful 2012  ~XX~ … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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