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The Sacred Garden

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I just had an aha moment whilst I was procrastinating drawing oracle cards and fluffing about as usual which I do when I am avoiding doing something which is more of a priority. This time it seems there is benefit from my actions. If I had my way I’d say there was benefit in my procrastination always but alas I have now digressed. This post has actually leap frogged another post I have that I havent gotten around to posting

“…treasure this enough to nurture it, and have it grow….”

This is the line that I read that sparked the avalanche of thought.

I’ve never really liked gardening. Not that I have ever really attempted to “garden” but it’s never drawn my interest to get in there and make a garden. I’ve entertained thoughts of a veggie garden, which is still on my to-do list but any other efforts have only produced attempts at tomatoes and cucumbers mmmhhmm. I’ve purchased pot plants and they just never really make it, oh and I love bonsai’s. These last a little longer than anything else. Dont ask me how or why as I don’t have the answer.

So I asked myself what is the essence of gardening? To nurture. To tend to the soil. Upkeep with regular maintainance,and anything else that needs to be done to ensure its growth.

Self love. In essence what helps us to love ourselves more?

Nurture, nourish, tend to, maintain and anything that assists our growth.

If I am to truly love my whole being. Every surface. Every ounce, I need to have these skills. Be proud to show my garden in full bloom I suppose you could say.

I’m not saying that I don’t have some self-esteem and self-confidence, I think these concepts can be mistaken for self-love. I think self-love, and I’m only touching the surface is about accepting who we are but be willing to work on and improve those facets of our personality. Shine our silverware, but be mindful and conscious of the dark that is in the closet and bring that to light. I also think self-love is inner happiness, respect for self and simply being heart centred in our mind, in our thoughts, words and actions.

The thing is you can’t expect the rain or external factors to keep your garden alive. Rain and Outside influences can fluctuate, are unpredictable and you can’t self regulate. So that’s why many gardeners observe their garden, make plans and decide what’s best at any given time.

So I think as a gardener of my own beautiful sacred space I need to be mindful of this. Why would I look to outside influences to nurture my own space, my own heart? Yes it does a whole lot of good for my self-esteem, yes it may be love but the real satisfaction must come in the fact that I’m loving myself.

Talking of sacred spaces I watched eat pray love finally the other night. The line that resonated with me and I think is applicable also to this situation of our mind and our love for self:

“Are you being ridiculous groceries (Julia Roberts), the meditation room is within. Go decorate that!” ~ Richard from Texas

It’s time to do the hard yards. I need to pull out those weeds, tend and nourish the soul and prepare it attentively for my love of self. I then need to plan further action to keep the garden maintained. Yes?

Here she comes again, one of my teachers, Louise Hay speaks and writes page after page of self-love. She has also created exercises to fine tune your skills. Many other texts speak of the importance of doing so. Not just specifically self-love but the essence of love such as Marianne Williamson and Anodea Judith. Im sure you know many more.

As always I think to myself if I am improving me and doing the inside work then it has to have a flow on effect somewhere. Loving others, mirroring for others, being a role model. In any way this hopefully has other benefits than just for myself.

Do you love gardening? Or is there something you’re really not a fan of in life that in actual fact the essence of it can be translated to self? Would love for you to share.

Im off to create a sacred garden and most importantly get my hands dirty looking after it and myself!

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3 thoughts on “The Sacred Garden

  1. I am watching Eat Pray Love right now, and literally just heard that line before clicking your link.
    So, um, it appears I need to join you in the gardening within.
    Can’t wait to show you my dirty hands and my sweaty palms, and watch the seeds sprout and flourish.
    K xxx

    Posted by Kathryn Hodges | January 26, 2013, 11:18 am


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