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To Serve

Many in the spiritual, metaphysical circles prior to the new year had been speaking of focusing on a word for 2012. A word that they could target and use to cultivate ideas and behaviour for the 12 months of 2012 and to act on with intention.

I had actually pondered this also, particularly when I wrote this post.

There are similar projects that have the same idea and intention with gratitude or photos for a year/365 days.

With this idea in mind for 2012 I felt that I had to develop a skill within me. Focus upon something that needed polishing up.

I came to the realisation that I wanted to focus upon and place intention into Serving.

To serve.

Yes I know. Nothing original here. Most religions I am aware of speak in some form of service to others and to “God” (I am using this as a reference point, please insert the name/title you prefer) and as you would have seen we also have mottos such as “to serve and protect”.

It’s also of note that yes in my field and profession it is a field of service. Yet there are factors that detract from this if we look at service in its purest form, such as wage or payment, referral from others, the profession or title and looking further the personal gains and/or gratification one receives.

When looking further into this concept and theme this definition arose:

“The purest service is to help others and to seek the welfare of others without the expectation of reward. “

(Apologies I’ve tried to find the source that I had. It was a random site.)

By focusing upon service I also believe it will bring me closer to my ongoing soul work with the heart chakra and love. To love. To be loved. Unconditional love. Self love. Love of others and any other concept and definition related to love. {See last post regarding some of my thoughts shared on same}

I know a few years ago I had an issue with the words “To serve” I felt that it was religious in some respects and by that I mean that it felt like an outdated notion, I then felt that it made me “lesser than” if I was to serve another. But as my self-reflection has progressed and the dark corners of my shadows have gently come to light. I realised that this was in actual fact a fear based belief. It had little supportive evidence and was developed from who knows where. I am grateful I have been able to cleanse a part of my being uncovering this small truth.

Now as usually happens with me, fortuitously and as to be expected serendipitously I was searching for an image for this post. The google search that caught my eye? “To serve” by Martin Luther King. Today in the United States it is Martin Luther King day! Hows that for coincidence. I had also never heard this speech. Things happen for a reason as they say. I come to expect this as normal now. The universe and I are starting to have a really good understanding and communication level 😉

So I would “love” some help 😉

I want to know some really great ways in which I can serve. I’ve already thought of working for a volunteer agency or organisation that has op shops or provides meals. Does anyone have any unusual ideas. Something that my skills fit perfectly like a puzzle piece.

I was also wondering do you have a word or focus you’ve chosen for 2012?

Thanks for your help!



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3 thoughts on “To Serve

  1. Hmm, I hadn’t really thought about it until now, but I think mine is ‘to find’. Along the way I have lost myself. So in 2012, I want to to find the old me, the new me, the essence of me, and why I am here … just like you seem to have done.

    Posted by Maid In Australia | January 18, 2012, 12:48 am
  2. We are basically a people that asks “what’s in it for me?” Serving others takes that focus and puts it on someone else which is mentally, spiritually and emotionally healthy. Volunteering in a big or small way is a way to serve. From soup kitchens to the neighbor next door, there is always a place if we look. Thanks for you reminding us to “serve” others.

    Posted by bfryern1 | January 22, 2012, 4:45 am


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