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Not good enough

So I got some bees in my mama bonnet this week and they have really made me grumble. As you know I don’t usually speak about much in this area on my blog. It’s not that I feel it’s not important, it is, but a lot of the time I feel my opinion has been … Continue reading

When the student is ready the teacher appears

Tonight I sat and watched Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith on Sunday night on seven. Part One and Part Two here (I attempted to embed but it wouldn’t work. Apologies) It had me in awe, in tears and with utmost respect for this man and for his comrades; or brothers as some in the armed forces tend … Continue reading


I watched The Help last night. A big thank you to my friend Jules for writing a status update about it. I’d seen tweets about the movie last year both speaking of the book and the film. Thankfully she reminded me with her comment the night prior. I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older I end … Continue reading

The pieces of my friendship puzzle

I haven’t got the best friends since primary school group of friends. Would love to have but my closest is from secondary school. As the years go on I treasure this friendship as that’s what makes it feel so special that we have been there through the years, through all of life’s valleys and mountains. … Continue reading

Everyday Inspiration

Today I was inspired. Everyday people. Living their lives BUT changing the world as best they can with the resources they have and most importantly the power they have: their voice. Today, the government reinstated a partial number of sessions for better access psychological services. As of 1st March and through to the 31st December, … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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