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Everyday Inspiration

Today I was inspired.

Everyday people. Living their lives BUT changing the world as best they can with the resources they have and most importantly the power they have: their voice.

Today, the government reinstated a partial number of sessions for better access psychological services. As of 1st March and through to the 31st December, 16 sessions will be available for clients/patients to use to see a psychologist through a mental health care plan organised by their General practitioner. Here’s the media release

If we back track we know that previously before cuts last year people were entitled to 12 sessions with an additional 6 in exceptional circumstances. Obviously adding that up its 18 sessions therefore we are missing 2 sessions.

This may appear to be a small amount but it makes a difference. Considering that 18 sessions is still under the recommended 20 sessions advised for cognitive behaviour therapy which is the treatment set out in medicare’s guidelines, ultimately therefore the government’s guidelines; those 2 sessions make a difference.

Todays decision although a win of sorts is not necessarily the best possible outcome for consumers. You see this only lasts until the 31st December of this year. It is described as “transitional”. So unless Mark Butler believes like the Mayans that the world is ending in 2012 this decision and partial reinstatement still does not “cut the mustard” as they say.

“We will therefore reinstate the additional 6 services under ‘exceptional circumstances’ for a transitional period to 31 December 2012” ~ Mark Butler

Therefore I urge you if you have an interest in mental health, have your own mental health issues, believe in making a noise and fighting the fight for some who aren’t always heard or just believe in the importance of a cause then please contact Mark Butler (@mark_butler_mp); Senator Penny Wright who is advocating for the return of full Better Access services; or your local member for parliament; jump on Social Media or hound your local papers. Just make noise. That is indeed what these empowering beautiful souls did that I have the privilege of knowing some on online, others I do not. But I am grateful for the whole entire Better Access group for advocating for whats right.

A big thank you to all those who signed petitions and made contact to various government members to fight for this cause when cuts were announced late last year.

This affirms for me experiential learning. Learning from within and learning from those around us. You don’t have to read the much publicised guru’s, the next best self-help book or Oprah’s anointed one to be inspired. Your family, your friends, your community, they are the people making a difference. Connecting with others that are passionate about the same causes as you and this will reveal the precious gems we have who are wanting to change inequalities, poor government decision-making and fight for the underdog with every cell in their body.

I admire these people. As I said, I am inspired by these people. Thank you. Much Gratitude.



Some websites and blogs advocating for Mental Health and the Better Access Services (This isn’t all Mental Health Blogs, or all better access blogs, or the only people who made a noise- some people that made a lot of noise do not have blogs but still were persistent and passionate about the cause):

Alliance for Better Access





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