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The pieces of my friendship puzzle

I haven’t got the best friends since primary school group of friends. Would love to have but my closest is from secondary school. As the years go on I treasure this friendship as that’s what makes it feel so special that we have been there through the years, through all of life’s valleys and mountains. Mama R shares beautifully on a subject I don’t know a lot about. Thank you.

{Please note! That doesn’t mean that any of my other friendships are any less important. I’m just reflecting on time. I love you all the same hehe!}


A conversation with my younger cousin recently, sparked a flood in memories of times with my friends in late primary school and early secondary school. My cousin is just going into high school and facing lots of new changes and experiences. The conversation made me reflect on the time when I was that age. The biggest thing that stood out for me was my friends. I know that this is not uncommon through adolescence. At the time, your friends can often hold more importance than your parents in adjusting to all the changes that are going on. These memories mostly made me smile. As I opened up a little about my past and my relationships, I realised that I had forgotten how much I laughed and how much I loved every day; largely due to my friends.

I am extremely lucky to have had friends grow up with me right from primary school through to secondary school. I am even luckier to be able to say that a handful of these girls are still my best friends today. I remember a discussion with one of these people, let’s call her Miss Music. She had drifted through her university degree without forming any strong new bonds and, after starting her first teaching job continued on this path until she met her now husband. At the time of their relationship forming, he pushed her to be more social. This one conversation with her has stuck with me all these years on. One of us said to her “Why don’t you want to make new friends?” She replied, “Why do I need to make new friends when I have you guys?” I must say that that made us all feel pretty damn good! I guess we just knew we would all be sticking around. She did make new friends but, like the rest of us who have also made new friends, the old ones tend to be the most special and dear to our hearts.

I have made many friends post high school; some have floated into my life for brief periods and others have remained good friends. I have noticed a common theme; I am attracted most to people who are like my old friends and those are the ones with whom I feel most at home. So I thought I would reflect on these personalities for myself, perhaps for them and for you reading it because the fact is I love them to pieces.

Seeing as I have already introduced Miss Music, let’s start with her. Miss Music and I became friends much later than my other friends; we knew each other from Year 8 but she joined my group of friends in Year 11. Miss Music and I were then placed in the same Year 12 home room class, with no other friends from our group. In the first week of school we had a camp and had to travel by the bus in our home room groups. Miss Music was very quiet and I worried what on earth we would talk about on the long trip to camp. I know that I can talk, but what if she didn’t talk back? (Those of you who know me are likely to be laughing and asking what the problem here is). It turned out that my worries were unfounded. She was quiet but the girl was just as much a chatterbox as me! We found that we had a lot in common and starting with understanding each other’s families (of great importance to both of us) we got to know each other. Miss Music and I would always stay up late at parties and sleep overs and share secrets. I found, and still do find, that I am comfortable to talk to her about anything. I am fairly reserved about really personal things but I feel comfortable opening up to her. Miss Music understands me.

Next I will introduce Miss Happy. Miss Happy and I became friends in Grade Prep. It must be said here that we didn’t really hit it off initially. She tells me that she was jealous of my long golden piggy tails, as she had short “boy” hair. But we got over this obstacle (without me cutting off my hair) and became friends. We played many games (which I sometimes wonder that she indulged me and my wild imagination) such as pet rocks, ninja turtles and hiding toys in our houses and taking turns to find them. We journeyed into high school together and were sometimes closer to each other than other times but the relationship always continued. Miss Happy has always accepted me for who I am and made me feel like I am a special part of her life. She makes me laugh and helps me put things into perspective. I feel a real sense of warmth inside me when I am around her. We were once the same height, now I tower over her. But what she lacks in height she makes up for in heart. Miss Happy loves me.

Miss Funny and I first met each other in about Grade 2 and became friends in later primary school and early secondary school. Our parents both dragged us along to church and we would always try to convince them to go to the same mass so we could sit together. As you may have guessed, Miss Funny made me laugh. She still makes me laugh. So she had me giggling in church, school classes, recess and lunch. I often said I might get a “6 pack stomach” because I laughed so much. However, Miss Funny is not just a joker, she is also very driven and motivated. She puts a goal in her sight and she goes for it. I would never put anything past her and I admire this immensely. She is also very caring and generous. Since finishing university she has travelled a lot and since returning to Melbourne briefly, has moved interstate again. I don’t get to see her or talk to her as much I would like to and know I need to make more effort. But I can say that time and distance do not seem to change our relationship, every time I see her or speak to her we take off from where we left; usually laughing. Miss Funny makes me laugh.

Last but by all means not least, is Miss Rock. Miss Rock and I have been friends since Grade Prep. She and Miss Happy were both at my 5th birthday and I remember going to her 7th birthday party. Miss Rock and I became close when we chose to work on a project in Grade 6 together (a man made out of food!). Living across the road from each other meant that we could work on it after school. We put a lot of work into that project but it really just became an excuse to spend time together. As time went on and we ventured into secondary school, we became inseparable. We spent every minute possible together. We laughed, cried, learnt, talked and grew together. She became a part of my family; the sister I never had. Our relationship has changed over the years and looked different at different times but the strength of our bond has never weakened. Miss Rock now lives in London with her English husband. I know that I must love this girl because, whilst it makes me sad that she is far away, my happiness in her happiness of finding her beautiful husband is real. Thank God for Skype is all I can say! But distance could never change our relationship, we both know that and it is never a source of worry for either of us. Of all my friends, I find it most difficult to describe Miss Rock and our relationship. Perhaps it is because it is so deep or that there just aren’t the appropriate words. Miss Rock is caring, compassionate, thoughtful, genuine, kind, patient and loving. She accepts me, supports me and loves me. Miss Rock is my pillar of strength.

These girls have made and continue to make me who I am. I love them all dearly. They are all unique yet in so many ways similar to each other. They all understand me, love me for who I am, make me laugh and give me strength. I am privileged to call them friends.

This is the beauty of reflection; it reminds us how lucky we are to have those special people in our lives.

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