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When the student is ready the teacher appears

I have no idea why but I was drawn to put this image up. Wheel of Fortune from Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Tonight I sat and watched Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith on Sunday night on seven. Part One and Part Two here (I attempted to embed but it wouldn’t work. Apologies)

It had me in awe, in tears and with utmost respect for this man and for his comrades; or brothers as some in the armed forces tend to lovingly refer to the men who walk shoulder to shoulder with them and make calculated risks to keep themselves and their group safe whilst completing their mission.

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In the past I would’ve watched this. Barely. It would’ve held interest but not hit the emotional triggers it did tonight or has been doing for the past 12 months at least. Why the change? To be honest I didn’t have and still don’t fully understand the military. I wasn’t brought up with it. Yes my grandfather was in world war II but he doesn’t really like to talk about it, my dad didn’t have a lot of information growing up for us so it just wasn’t discussed. There have been other connections to the armed forces but I just really didn’t comprehend the role that these services played and I didn’t have the desire to find out.

It’s interesting who and what gets introduced to your life path. I was given a teacher I would never have even considered.

Sam, my cousin as I wrote about here and here entered the Defence force straight from secondary school. At the time I was like a big WTF. So many questions and no comprehension as to why he would make such a decision. But I did only what I knew to do which was to support his decision. I didn’t have to understand. I just had to love him enough so that he knew I was always there for him. Being as he was just heading out of his teens into his 20’s he didn’t care what I thought but that’s okay. It’s not what he got out of this interaction from me that taught me, it’s what I received out of this relationship.

So much understanding, not just from him but making connections with others that I wouldn’t have, had I not been in this situation. Serendipitous is an appropriate description.

Sam taught me about the strength of relationships, about trusting in a much higher source, about some of the essence of the armed forces and what it means to serve for your country and with those brothers. Sam didn’t sit me down and explain all of this. It was mostly through his actions and our brief conversations. Sam has always acted his age, even younger at times. I’m sure I’ve even heard him say “here for a good time not a long time” so it’s not as if he is the reflective type or wanting to share knowledge. In saying that, Sam appears a normal 22 year old now that he’s returned and he is off doing the usual things one does after a long deployment. although his cellular, spiritual, emotional and soul structure has shifted.

I think what struck me the most is you can’t choose who your “teachers” will be for lessons or areas in your life. They just arrive and you know you’ve been given a teacher if it ignites reflection and revelation. What also shifted some of my paradigms is the age in which your teacher can be. I have mentioned before about my children being my teachers. This I take as a given. But others when I look outward for learning I look to those older and experienced. This again highlighted the “teacher” can be any age.

I’m grateful my cousin pressed those buttons. I wouldn’t have appreciated Ben Roberts-Smiths story if he hadn’t. Interestingly, Ben and Sunday on 7 mentioned Sgt Matthew Locke. A lovely twitter friend a few months back highlighted this soldier who had lost his life serving in 2007 and promoted his cause, I mentioned The Grub Club on Facebook a little while back. It’s terrible Ben lost such a close mate but this organisation that has been set up and supported in Matthew’s honour speaks volumes of the respect people had for this man.

My teachers have amazed with the insights and reflections I have had and the growth they have provided to me. They may not even know they’ve been teaching me. Ben Roberts-Smith thank you. You are now included in my staff roll of 2012. Namastè. I may not be able to get to the heights and challenges of life threatening work you have undertaken but I sure as hell am going to embrace yours and the regiments motto “Who dares wins”.

In angel speak or translation of this motto, Aine reinforces the need to take a leap of faith, maintain Diana’s focused intention and channel the divine goddess Freyja.

I’m grateful for my teachers. I look forward to new teachers coming into my life for the remainder of the year.

Have you ever learnt from a “teacher” you weren’t expecting to learn from. Is there someone who blew you out of the water when you realised what you were learning from this person? Any one really interesting?

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4 thoughts on “When the student is ready the teacher appears

  1. Not wanting to sound corny but I’d defintely say you are one of my teachers we met in the virtual world and now in the real world. We attract what we need and what we put out, it’s realising that who we meet may have a lesson for us, sometimes not obvious straight away. Like you I learn a lot fome my Miss 16 and my Mr 6 and everyday I do learn or gain an insight from the children I work with.

    Posted by Nathalie Brown (@easypeasykids) | February 27, 2012, 11:34 am
  2. The biggest (recent) lesson that came from an unexpected teacher was taught to me by a 3yr old child. Children have the uncanny ability to make us realise the true importance of life.

    I hadn’t met the young girl before, but commute to work everyday with her mother. Saw them at the local Coles supermarket about a week ago and I got talking to her mum about the recent loss in our family so she’d know not to expect me on the train on funeral day. I also briefly mentioned in passing that because of some tension within the family I wasnt looking forward to being surrounded by them all. Her 3yr old daughter pipes up and exclaims “My daddy says if we want to be friends with someone, they need to want to be our friend too and not to keep playing with their toys if they don’t want to play with yours”. Such a simple lesson that was being taught at her daycare but so true and profound for a 3yr old to pass on.

    The lesson in that – a friendly reminder not to waste my energy trying to make something happen when it won’t be recipricated.

    Posted by Natalie | February 27, 2012, 2:04 pm
  3. Excellent post Cath. My kids, my husband, the voices in my head 😉 They all teach me something. When I was on holiday up the North Coast of NSW earlier this year I was standing in Woolies at the check out and this old man was finalising his purchase when the checkout operator asked him if he wanted to take cash out of his debit card and he replied in a really ocker accent “No, why buy a six pack when a stubby will do”. I almost cracked up laughing but it’s so true.

    The next day my boys were running riot…or maybe I was particularly nitpicky that day but I kept telling my boys to settle down. An elderly man was pushing his wife in a wheelchair, walked passed me and said softly “it’ll all work out”.

    And yes, there’s quite an ageing population in this town. I have heard it referred to as God’s Waiting Room. Eek.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

    Posted by Maria Tedeschi (Mum's Word) | March 7, 2012, 10:20 pm


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