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Look Deeper

I have been blessed by another person wanting to share their insight and reflections. I am deeply grateful for their honesty and truth in providing a piece of their story to my blog and it’s readers. I have known this person for a very long time. I have said before I think we were sisters … Continue reading

My brief but profound reflection

My moment of reflection today: I am acutely aware I am currently in a situation in my life that I will forever remember and re-tell. I am consciously making memories. It is a surreal feeling. Apologies. Source of picture unknown. I found it ages ago.

Just Being. The Time Is Now

It’s time to just put words on paper or on the blog as technology has it. I have been having rapid emotional and “spiritual” (for want of a better word) growth over the past 6 months. (well this is the latest burst Ha!) On this blog I have always been very mindful and controlled about … Continue reading

Mabon Blessings – Autumn Equinox

Tis the autumn equinox today in the southern hemisphere (Spring Equinox in the North). I have spoken about the equinox before here during our last spring. Today’s in Autumn is Mabon. Personally this is my favourite time of year. Heading into Winter. Don’t get me wrong I love the sun and I would miss it … Continue reading

Open Your Heart

You all know I love the moon but I’ve been led to a beautiful goddess, Grian. She has been coming up in my cards that I draw for myself. Grian is a solar goddess. She brings warmth, courage, joy and growth. As Lucy Cavendish writes “She is the force that drives the plant to flower, … Continue reading

Ya Ya Sisterhood

To the Women of the Sisterhood, Today is International Women’s Day. Blessings to you. May you celebrate in all your feminine glory and embrace the divine female spirit. I am grateful to have incarnated this life as a woman. It is interesting as a child most would have described me as a “Tom boy” at … Continue reading

He watches over

Mama R wrote this awhile ago for me. I am grateful that she is sharing so much of herself on my blog. A beautiful piece below. Little Girl #1 “Look at this photo Mum, it’s Grandma and Pop! I love Pop mummy” I reply “I know you do sweet heart and he loves you too.” … Continue reading

Full Moon and Manifesting

Full moon week this week. Beautiful energy but as always when we are sensitive, full moon energy can feel overwhelming. Tune in and see what you need. If feeling ok, keep with the momentum but if you are already feeling edgy then take a step back. If you really want to release an issue or … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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