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I love you enough to say no

I have just had a massive shift in my ideology. It’s so true. You cant actually make shifts or changes until you actually have the realisation and revelation yourself. You can read thousands of opinions or pieces on a certain topic but until that switch flicks or that penny drops as they say the shift … Continue reading

La Luna and Sleep

{ Image Credit } This is a purely intuitive post. It may be on the money, it may not but I thought I’d put my thoughts out there. Give it to you for reflection and contemplation. I read this sleep prayer/spell. Whatever you wish to call it. It doesn’t matter. It’s an affirmation and an … Continue reading

The Ceremony. The Sacred.

{Image Credit} Respect. Gratitude. Honour. Remembrance. Today words are not enough. This IS bringing spirit and ceremony into the everyday. Blessed to experience it. Anzac Day Altar Sending love, light, peace, protection and strength to our serving defence force members. Honouring and remembering those members who have served and those who have died. Namastè

Hold Space

I fell in love with this ring the moment I caught vision of it. It had me in awe and wonder. At the time I liked the look of it and at that stage I thought “I’ll just purchase it”. I ‘felt’ that it related to my blessingway ceremony facilitation in some way but had … Continue reading

Failure isn’t an option

To fail. I have another bee in my bonnet. I’m over this need to define an experience by success or failure. Particularly this war in Afghanistan. Yes okay maybe I’ve become more sensitive to the situation since my cousin was deployed. He was an eye opener to my insensitivity and some of my black and … Continue reading

I love my rainbows but grey is filling my world

Life is so grey. I used to consider myself a fairly black and white person, no not collingwood 🙂 Yes I put a footy joke in! I thought life was pretty much “right” or “wrong”. Well I tried to fit it that way. Most of the time it did, phew I didn’t have to challenge … Continue reading

I’m busy, yeah right.

I’m waiting…..I can feel big things coming. Beautiful, amazing, life changing “things” coming. But you know what? I don’t know what to do with myself. I realised tonight after signing myself up for another challenge, which is on top of my meditation challenge, my photo challenge and my 30 day shred; that I can’t just … Continue reading

Ostara Blessings

Image Credit I love this goddess. I’m unsure why I am so passionate about her. I’m not really a fan of rabbits and that’s what she is also pictured with. What is it? The only main theme I can connect it to is that she represents an energy so full of anticipation. The fullness of … Continue reading

Co-creating with Universal Energy

I am absolutely in love with the universal energy this weekend. And by the sounds of the Melbourne weather it appears mother Gaia wants to contribute and whip things up a bit with the wind she’s blowing around. As we know it is Easter, ruled by the beautiful and one of my most favourite Goddesses … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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