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Ostara Blessings


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I love this goddess. I’m unsure why I am so passionate about her. I’m not really a fan of rabbits and that’s what she is also pictured with. What is it? The only main theme I can connect it to is that she represents an energy so full of anticipation. The fullness of potential at its peak.

Today is Easter and she connects to the energy of this day. Ostara represents new beginnings, new projects, fertility, conception and pregnancy.

I fell in love with Ostara and resonated with her energy when I was pregnant with little person 2. Each pregnancy I became further and further in tune and highly intuitive. They say this happens during pregnancy. Thankfully mine has not gone and abandoned me after my 3rd little person.

The energy of Ostara resonated with me so much that I actually called my business after her. It provides such a feeling of anticipation, of a moment or moments filled with possibility.

I believe that Ostara looked after my little person and I whilst I was pregnant with her but also during her birth. I am very grateful having connected to her energy.

Thankfully in the Southern Hemisphere here we get to celebrate her energy twice. With our Easter occurring in autumn but then again connecting with her during spring, her time to shine. The season of new beginnings and fertility.

To encourage Ostara’s energy she likes eggs for new beginnings (not chocolate!), rabbits, baby animals~ usually born in spring, fruits (seeded reflect the more feminine energy) and green and yellow candles. Her energy is similar to that celebrated at Spring Equinox.

She is also revered for the increased light she brings (for springtime) and balancing the light and dark of the day.

Wishing you a wonderful celebration and day with your loved ones. May her energy inspire you to new beginnings, tackling new projects, embracing the new into your life. And so it is.




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2 thoughts on “Ostara Blessings

  1. Love this post Cath!!

    I enjoy your posts because quite a lot of what you write about and the energy and goddesses you are passionate about seem to resonate deeply for me too. This is no exception!!

    Happy Easter. xx

    Posted by Nat | April 8, 2012, 1:33 pm


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