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Failure isn’t an option

To fail.

I have another bee in my bonnet.
I’m over this need to define an experience by success or failure. Particularly this war in Afghanistan. Yes okay maybe I’ve become more sensitive to the situation since my cousin was deployed.

He was an eye opener to my insensitivity and some of my black and white thinking.

I’m not condoning war or violence. As I said in my last post, life isn’t so black and white anymore, grey is my only answer these days.

What I am saying is if these soldiers are being deployed by our government to attend to a war for whatever reasons ( I have no idea about international politics and I’m not about to start. That’s not my bag.) then don’t they deserve the support as people, as our brothers and sisters, as part of humanity?

What is my bag is psychology. Mental health and wellbeing. The latest bee that has been set off in my bonnet is the analysis of this war in Afghanistan and whether it has been a “success” or “failure”. Really? I know every man and his dog want to know where their hard earned tax dollars are going. Yes the government need to be accountable. I don’t know if there’s another way of measuring this fact but what I do know is that describing this war and our contribution as a nation is not helpful for our servicemen and women to say that the whole operation has been a failure. It’s the wording I am being pedantic about.

How would most of us feel having our job judged on whether we were a success or failure? Probably with difficulty. That is why so many key performance indicators have evolved to find strengths and weaknesses.

How would we feel having our job and task judged as failure when our lives are on the line? I understand in our country we are choosing to serve in the defence force but as I said referring back to the last blog post, it’s grey. We don’t know any circumstances behind each enlistment. They are still in a life threatening situation.

What good does it do to emphasize a point of “failing”? What can it achieve? It’s not helping the person/ persons or collective group in question. What does the accuser achieve besides embarrassing, humiliating, degrading another human being?

I don’t know. Am I being too sensitive? As I am conscious of trying to be more heart centred and mindful of my thoughts and opinions, language and it’s connotations are really starting to get my back up. I really am not seeing the need for our world to be so negative. I know I’m only one person, but I’ve said on numerous occassions, if I can have an effect in my little patch of the world then I’m doing a good job, if I affect more than that? Even better.

Our soldiers don’t need to hear this negativity whilst theyre over in Afghanistan or about to be deployed. They don’t need to hear it when they return and they don’t need to hear it years after the fact as I believe those who served in Vietnam have (please correct me if I have misunderstood). These people have enough psychological processing and need to care for their mental health due to the exposure to such traumatic environments let alone being subjected to opinion and criticism from their countrymen and women.

Failure isn’t an option as the saying goes, that’s right, it shouldn’t be used as a term to judge and place our belief system on others. Nor to measure a part of an individuals life journey when they had their best of intentions with their choice at that point in time.



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One thought on “Failure isn’t an option

  1. I love this. Perhaps your proximity to service personnel has sharpened your senses, but in this case it can only be a good thing. The public often like to tag these sorts of things as failures in an effort to degrade the Government responsible. They don’t think about the individuals and families who may be affected by their opinions.


    Posted by macsnorky | April 18, 2012, 9:15 pm

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