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Hold Space

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I fell in love with this ring the moment I caught vision of it.

It had me in awe and wonder. At the time I liked the look of it and at that stage I thought “I’ll just purchase it”. I ‘felt’ that it related to my blessingway ceremony facilitation in some way but had some idea that it was more than that but just couldn’t put my finger on it as they say.


Fast Forward 6 months.

The other week during my lecture I had an aha moment. Winnicott (Donald Winnicott, a British object relations theorist and pediatrician) was the focus and his theories. He was an infant guru and has some beautiful ideas and perspectives on babies.

The concept that really resonated with me was that of holding and handling. That the way in which a baby or infant is held and handled is a form of how the mother, caregiver is holding/conceptualising baby in their brain. In other words how this person focuses on the baby and tends to their needs at minimum and provides growth emotionally, psychologically and physically. It’s okay I’m not going to continue to talk babies with you. Here’s the moment~

The part of the lecture that hit me between the eyes and awakened a magnificent new awareness.

Holding: physical holding for the baby was a form of loving. Ultimately providing a basis for ego support and therefore autonomy for the infant.

Though let us go back. We understand obviously that providing basic needs for the baby is love. What I really connected with was the notion of “holding the space” being reflective of love.

It all fell into place. My focus for this year has been to be more heart centered. Pure Love focused. And all the while I have been actioning this for many years. Yes I have obviously been holding the space for my little people as their mama but it goes further and deeper than this.

When I work with clients I hold the space for them. To allow them the ability to work through their emotions, thoughts and problems. This space represents trust, honesty, responsibility and respect to name a few.

What I love about blessingways is holding the space for pregnant mamas and their nearest and dearest females in their lives. These spaces are sacred, emotional and empowering.

I’ve also realised whilst we wait for situations, events or people in our life, patiently or impatiently 😉 we are holding the space.

All of those situations mentioned all relate back to that one emotion of love. The space I speak of, yet we can not see, holds an amazing essence of love, unconditional love, but also respect, consistency, relability, loyalty, awareness and reflection.

It’s an absolute honour to hold space. I am grateful I have not only the ability to do so but am privileged to be blessed by clients, mamas, friends, relatives, lovers and importantly my babies to be trusted to hold space for them.

And for those people that come to this space, my blog, for the sacred and the spirit. I thank you for allowing me that space. I hope I’m holding this with the respect it deserves.

I look down at that ring every single day. It now makes sense why I HAD to have it. It’s a reminder of this blessing and a reminder that to hold space is to love. Pure and Simple.

I felt this piece of music needed to be added to this post. I dont know why. Intuition?


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One thought on “Hold Space

  1. I really needed to read this tonight. Much love to you my friend. You create an amazing space in this world. xx

    Posted by Shelley | April 22, 2012, 8:17 pm

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