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La Luna and Sleep


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This is a purely intuitive post. It may be on the money, it may not but I thought I’d put my thoughts out there. Give it to you for reflection and contemplation.

I read this sleep prayer/spell. Whatever you wish to call it. It doesn’t matter. It’s an affirmation and an intention for sleep.


As you would all be aware I love the moon and it’s energy. Therefore the word that caught my attention the most? “O lady moon guide my dreams….”

Sleep difficulties. Most of us have them at some stage or another. For some our sleep is interrupted by nightmares and bad dreams, others it’s a restless sleep or sleeping then the inability to get back to sleep.

Mostly I sleep well. Of late, not so much but I think other reasons of “tuning in” may account for this. As a child I regularly had nightmares. Particularly when my grandmother was sick. What I can see if I look back over different times is that indeed those times connect to what I am suggesting today.

Back to The moon. The moon represents the energy of the divine feminine. Beautiful love filled, soft, sweet but powerful female energy. She lights up our nights even when she can not be seen. Her energy is always pulsating around us. At times stronger than others.

So how am I connecting the moon and sleep. Not only am I aware that at different stages of the moon people are particularly affected. Ie full moon periods, but I’m going to go further than that. I believe that when we are having sleep problems we are in fact have difficulty assimilating that divine feminine energy.

We are all made up of the male and female. In other words it’s been described as ying and yang or light and dark. We have both components. Neither is more important nor more powerful than the other. Being a specific gender does not account for this energy either. The importance is upon balance and equality of the energy.

The nights where we toss and turn and wake up often are possibly nights where we are grappling with the moon connection and feminine energy.

Themes that are relevant to this are mother, motherhood, sister, partner/relationship, acknowledging your own female energy and being challenged about an aspect of self that relates to the feminine energy either by self or other.

Feminine and female energy is also about intuition, insight, sixth sense, visions and psychic experiences. At times where you are struggling with this area I believe your sleep will be affected.

Importantly it’s also about feelings and emotions and expressing them.

So it’s all very well to acknowledge this and find it relevant.

What does it mean? What can you do? As this blog is about bringing spirit into the everyday it’s now about working with this revelation.

Awareness. This may shift the sleep difficulty just by acknowledging that this was the issue.

Other ways:
* Go outside and connect with moon. Look up, be grateful that you are so connected to the energy.
* Think about the female/feminine energy issue. Which female in your life do you need to work on issues about? It may or may not include the person whilst you process it. It could relate to grief, an argument, a long standing irritation. Begin to work through it
* What are you suppressing, what are you not letting come to the surface. Allow. It won’t hurt you. Realisations may be difficult but out the other side is a rainbow and your life will be further enriched by having the insight.
* It can also mean you have been sitting in your male energy too long or regarding a particular issue. Think it terms of getting the job done, doing rather than feeling, even the idea that “it’s not strong or manly to deal with an issue in any other way”. By perceiving an issue in such ways you are putting up psychological, emotional and spiritual obstruction.
* If you really don’t know or don’t think it has a connection? Bring some rose quartz into your life, rose oil, she oak bush flower essence, pink and green colours. Sit with it. It will emerge if you let it.
* Importantly, write it down. Whatever thoughts come to mind. Write.

I am in awe of this beautiful energy. She, our beautiful moon inspires me daily. I have to remember to acknowledge her for the gifts she brings. Sometimes I feel we don’t give her enough gratitude. But that’s symbolic of the feminine energy isn’t it? Willing to give unconditionally without return.

In wonder.


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2 thoughts on “La Luna and Sleep

  1. Enjoyed this post. Very interesting and thought provoking x

    Posted by Melc_1911 | April 27, 2012, 12:02 pm
  2. Thank you xxx I knew I needed to connect with you tonight. x

    Posted by Annieb25 | April 27, 2012, 8:05 pm

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