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Last Dance

I had a lunch date today. I sat outside and spent some time with myself. You know that anger and impatience I was talking about in this post? It subsided. I didn’t realise it til now. It went as soon as the “penny dropped” Today I had lunch with my old self. It was as … Continue reading


“You’re unbalanced” said my hip. “You’re being inflexible” yelled my knees. “Release the past” urged the middle of my back. I need a reset. A re-boot. Its time to press ctrl-alt-delete. My being seems to have frozen. Its been awhile since my body has been manifesting ongoing aches, pains and ailments. But then again it’s … Continue reading

So Why The Change?

Pull up a chair. I am on the therapists chaise lounge today. I don’t know whether this is a good thing or bad thing 🙂 Anyway here goes… I’ve changed the title of this blog, you would have noticed as you would have found an error message on a precocious lotus link or followed the … Continue reading

Gratitude pays me a visit

The past week has had an aura of gratitude as the undercurrent. What is different than usual is that when I am clearly focusing on that which I am grateful for, I am mindful of it and I am consciously deciding what to be grateful for. This week has produced random thoughts (well as you … Continue reading

A “Big One”

Energetically this is what would be called a “big one”. New Moon; Solar Eclipse and Pleiades conjunct which means Venus ~ divine feminine energy and Alcyone ~ akashic memory and evolutionary consciousness. Source: Facebook~ Nancy Brooks Detweiler In summary: eclipses are for letting go of significant psychological baggage or opportunities to shine light upon the … Continue reading

It’s Not Personal….

Interesting. Today I have had many reflections. I typed up one blog post and its in the drafts folder. It just didn’t feel right to press publish. Though as usually happens I draw a card. Sit with it if it doesn’t make real clear sense, basically read doesn’t say what I want it to say … Continue reading

Mama’s Day

“Mothering is a subtle art whose rhythm we collect as much from one another as by instinct” ~ Louise Erdich Today is about celebrating the divine feminine energy. The mother energy. The energy of unconditional love and care. The Deities that support us and gather today are Mother Mary, Mawu, Nungeena-tya, Freyja to list a … Continue reading

#Nowplaying ~ The Universal DJ

Music is a big part of my life. I often think because I don’t play a musical instrument that I’m not entitled to call myself musical. But somehow music speaks my language. A language I know I’d forgotten to speak for some years having only listened to it as I jumped in the car and … Continue reading

Feel It

I often speak of energy. I usually find it hard to explain, it’s only ever made sense to me as a “feeling”. It still is a feeling that I pick up but I felt like I needed to write this post today. Yes I know I’m supposed to be retreating but when your brain thinks … Continue reading

Practice what I preach

It is time to do what I have been avoiding for a few weeks now, some could say months. But its well and truly time. I have been in avoidance mode. I liked to think I was being busy and productive. Yet I know the truth. The blog has been having regular posts, which is … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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