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Feel It


I often speak of energy. I usually find it hard to explain, it’s only ever made sense to me as a “feeling”. It still is a feeling that I pick up but I felt like I needed to write this post today. Yes I know I’m supposed to be retreating but when your brain thinks so much sometimes I just need to share.

This weekend is a full moon in Scorpio. What does that mean you say? For me with Scorpio as a major player in my astrological chart it means that I may feel the effects of this planetary alignment more significantly. This doesn’t mean if you don’t have Scorpio in your chart you are not affected. This is what I wanted to explain about energy. Or more so the context in which I speak of it and feel it.

I submit to the idea and philosophy of astrology. Particularly planets, universal energy and as you are all aware the moon. It’s clear with facets such as tides, solar flares and other cosmic events that they have energy and can indeed affect us. We are all one. Interconnected whether we like it or not 🙂 but energy for me isn’t just about these external forces. It’s also about our own genetic and intuitive make up.

So how have you noticed your interactions today? Being mindful of them tomorrow will also help connect to the energy around at present. Usually with other people our insight to energy is illuminated far greater for us to see. Yes they are our mirrors but also the interactions amplify your own energy. If you’re able to take a step back from the interaction, during would be fabulous but afterward can still be helpful. Asking questions such as what is this triggering in me, why am I getting upset, agitated, what of this interplay is mine, what may the other person be experiencing elsewhere but bringing to this communication. These are all helpful grounding measures to understand energy. The energy I speak of is the undertone of the connection.

If you’re really being mindful checking in with yourself and your own energy can illicit significant reflections. Not only am I speaking of tiredness or energy levels to complete tasks but your behaviour. How is your appetite shifting for this period of time, your general mood, your desire to be social or asocial. Your irritation or agitation levels? This is all energy.

The next step is picking up other peoples energy. It can be very helpful. Assists in “reading” a situation. You can also feel it when nothing has actually been said. I think protecting yourself from picking up some energy is very important though (this may be another blog post I think) what I want to mention though is that it is not a bad trait to have. It is not to be feared or scared of. For me it is very helpful. I can check in to know someone is okay, someone is safe, whether someone is out of it or they’re actually doing ok.

The important point is, just because you “pick up” the energy doesn’t mean you have to do something with it either. Mindfulness can be enough. You are also not a perpetual helper. You will get burnt out if you pick up on all the energy you feel. Use your discretion. A simple sentence of acknowledgment can be enough. On the alternate side you also don’t want to take away someone’s power and learning by jumping to “rescue or help”.

I’ve been wanting to write a post on energy forever. Finally the words have followed to put on the page. We all have this skill, it’s whether we are tuning into it or not.

Trusting this weekends energy is helpful for you. Celebrate our beautiful moon. She’s our friend and our guide. She isn’t to be feared and misperceived.

Blessed be.



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One thought on “Feel It

  1. That was a brilliant and timely piece of writing. I loved every word.

    Posted by Brookie | May 5, 2012, 12:32 pm

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