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#Nowplaying ~ The Universal DJ

Music is a big part of my life. I often think because I don’t play a musical instrument that I’m not entitled to call myself musical. But somehow music speaks my language. A language I know I’d forgotten to speak for some years having only listened to it as I jumped in the car and drove about the place. A language I am learning to love once again, particularly over the last 6 months. A language that soothes my soul when nothing else works or all other options have been exhausted. Its probably only my own laziness and pure stubborness and rebellion that sees me not having learned an instrument. Me? Stubborn and rebellious you say? No never. As the saying goes cutting off your nose to spite your face. Miss Independent was offered to play the drums or guitar. But no she had to insist on playing the Saxophone in year 7 or nothing. Well you should know how the story panned out. I then had grand plans to be adopted by the Corrs family. Become their 2nd violinist and become besties with Sharon. Two lessons. Yep that went well. Although I admit this is still on my bucket list. I will play the Violin in this lifetime.

My brother and my Papa Bear are very talented and musical. This fact is not wasted on me. In addition we have other guitarists, pianists, a saxophonist and a trumpeter. My grandpa liked to sprout that he could play the spoons and the harmonica. Vocalists are also added into the mix. So Im getting close to being the black sheep in this very talented musical family. Hold the violin music its okay =)

I can appreciate the music anyway. If youve noticed on twitter I have my bursts of #nowplaying and you probably thank me I dont tweet the whole play list for that session. As Ive reacquainted myself with my daily, even hourly dose of music I have realised that the Universe sends us playlists for certain periods in our lives. Ive spoken about this before here and most other posts are littered with music or music references.

Currently the Universe has been regularly sending me these songs below. It has sent other songs too but I know what they mean and the reference for them. These not so much. Maybe a little, others no idea! Cold Chisel?? I don’t listen to…Walking in Memphis? I had to look up the singer. I’m thinking there’s a connection but I’ll just have to wait and see……

Universe’s playlist (in no particular order):

* Time Of Your Life ~ Green Day

* Walking in Memphis ~ Marc Cohn

* Need you now ~ Lady Antebellum

* 93 million miles – Jason Mraz

* Someone like you ~ Adele

* The Keeper ~ Chris Cornell

* Revelry – Kings of Leon

* Let Us Hear Your Voice ~ Pennywise

* Flame trees ~ Cold Chisel

* Dark horses ~ Switchfoot

* Matchbox 20 and Rob Thomas: Unwell and 3am. Originally it was Her Diamonds.

As I said above. I dont know the relevance for these songs. None of them have been all-time favourites. I have enjoyed them but theyre just popping onto the radar or as I like to think, being sent to me. There’s also the playlists or songs that either remind you of other people or they have been put in your mind by another person. We’ll have to leave that list for another day….or maybe not. A bit too personal.

I look back and the universe was sending me a play list last year. Here’s a sample:

* I just haven’t met you yet ~ Michael Buble`

* Happiness – Alexis jordan

* When love takes over ~ David Guetta Featuring Kelly Rowland

And even a few months ago I spoke about it a little here

Some others were prevalent too during both time periods. I should’ve realised that the universe would continue to set a soundtrack. Considering each baby had a specific musician or genre. Little person 1 was Pete Murray, little person 2 was classical and mantra music such as Deva Premal and little person 3 was P!nk. Describes their personalities perfectly!

It’s interesting I saw this awhile ago and giggled and wished it were true….

On reflection after sitting down to write this post this isn’t true. We just need to tune in and listen. What tunes is the Universal DJ sending you at the moment? Or was there a particular time in your life that the playlist was sent or eerily reflected your life?


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