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Mama’s Day

“Mothering is a subtle art whose rhythm we collect as much from one another as by instinct” ~ Louise Erdich

Today is about celebrating the divine feminine energy. The mother energy. The energy of unconditional love and care.

The Deities that support us and gather today are Mother Mary, Mawu, Nungeena-tya, Freyja to list a couple and importantly Gaia.

I have created the altar below for today.



• Picture of Gaia
• Hecate~ Maiden Mother Crone
• Pregnant Mama statue
• Mama and baby
• Kuan Yin the goddess of compassion and support of mothers and children
• Gaia Oracle card deck
• Rose Quartz crystal
• Rose Essential Oil
• My mothers day gifts ~ 2 candles {1 with love on it}
• Flowers
• Pink candle for heart chakra
• 3 purple candles symbolise my 2 grandmothers and my mama
• 3 white candles symbolise my children
• The letters are those initials of my children.
• The cards include tarot and oracle cards

My focus today is on the blessing of my own mother. My grandmothers who are now watching over us. Who led the way for our family of women. I spoke of them here and here. Immense gratitude for the gift of being a mother to my 3 beautiful children.

I also hold in the forefront of my mind prayers and thoughts for those whose mothers have passed over, whose mothers are not playing a mothering role in their lives, the mamas with empty arms who would give anything to have their angel babies in their tender care and finally those mamas whose spirit babies whisper to them but have not decided to incarnate.

This year is interesting as although I am a mama my attention is being drawn to people without their mamas or people who are mama’s with empty arms.

I feel I’m connecting to the energy of these beautiful souls for one reason or another who will feel loss today whether they want to or not.

I know in the past I never truly understood those people in my life whose mothers had passed away. Of course I knew that they were sad but I thought they celebrated their beautiful mother anyway and used the day as a day of remembrance. It only registered when I lost my grandma 4 years ago. Although not my mama I felt the loss of her prescence. It was then I understood albeit a tiny sliver what it was like for those without their mama’s physically or emotionally present. This day is a sad reminder of their loss.

For those who I am aware of who for some horrible often unexplainable reason do not have their children in their arms and by their side or those who continue to dream of those little people in their lives I can only imagine what it is like and send my heartfelt love and thoughts today, again a reminder of your loss or dreams unfulfilled. If only there was something I could honestly do.

Today, as I reiterate when I hold space during blessingways, the African Proverb is what I draw strength from and hope our society can re-establish with momentum

“It takes a village to raise a child”

Whether you are the biological mother or not it is the mother energy that is what is most important for our soul and higher consciousness and in the best interest of humanity in my humble opinion. Somewhere, somehow it has been lost and truly to our and our children, the next generations detriment. I know this may be cold comfort but truly know that you are appreciated and I for one am grateful as are many others I am sure for the role you play and energy you emit.

May today be filled with peace, love and beautiful memories. Blessed be.


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